windows-11 Everything You Need to Know

Technologywindows-11 Everything You Need to Know


Recently, Microsoft announced the release of an update of the operating system to Windows 11. Six years after the release of Windows 10, the new updates give a visual window and adds gaming, security, and multitasking feature to the Window. Many people are eager to know about windows-11 as the Microsoft operating system. It is a widely used window in the world. In this post, we will tell you about the Windows 11 specifications, features, requirements, installation process, etc. You can also learn about the security and privacy aspects of Windows 11 here. 

What is windows-11

windows-11 is new update of Microsoft operating system. It is used for laptops, tablets, or desktops. This operating system refers to system software that manages the software and hardware resources in the device to get a seamless experience. Windows is the PC operating dominant system, which has a market share of over 75 %. Windows 11 is designed to give a better interface and exclusive features to users. Windows 11 comes with better touch support and Microsoft team integration. 

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Windows 11 requirements

To update your Windows to Windows 11, you should meet these hardware requirements. 

  • RAM – 4 Gigabytes or more
  • Processor- 1 GHz or more with various cores on a 64-bit compatible processor or system
  • System firmware UI- Boot secure capability
  • Graphics card- Compatible with Direct 12 or with WDDM 2.0 driver
  • Storage- 65 x GB or more storage is needed to install Windows 11
  • Display- HD 720p display, 8 bits per color channel or 9” 
  • TPM- Trusted Platform Module version 2.0
  • Internet connection- Internet connectivity is important to do updates and download and access to exciting features 
  • Home edition- Windows 11 requires Internet connectivity to complete the setup of your device for use 

Features of Windows 11

As with the latest update of Windows, the new features come with Windows 11. Here is the exciting feature list of Windows 11 

  • A user interface and new design

Usability and simplicity are the main principles that Microsoft follows. The taskbar and start button are redesigned to make it easier to find what you require quickly. Many people noticed the centered taskbar. With Windows 11, the start menu is now integrated with Microsoft 365 and allows you to sync documents from various devices. 

  • Snap groups, Snap layouts, and desktop 

Due to the lockdown, computers and PCs help people to connect with the outside world. Here, the role of Windows 11 comes. It makes it easier for you to organize your digital life by providing you with the latest multitasking features. Snap Groups and Snap Layouts give you an easy way to organize the different documents on which you are working. 

  • Touch and improvements 

Microsoft has come with a modified version in the form of Windows 11. Windows 11 makes the windows touch-friendly, tablet mode, and designed well. It also responds to iPad and makes certain improvements. 

  • Microsoft team integration

Microsoft aims to make people’s lives easier by connecting them with professional and personal contacts in Windows 11. It integrates the chat app from Microsoft Begins into the Start bar. It permits people to chat, text, and perform voice or video calls with all contacts, no matter what device they have been using. 

  • Widgets 

Microsoft provides the widgets to users in Windows Vista only. But it does not work well. Thanks to Windows 11, that aligns with widgets and gives you access to valuable information at your fingertips. Windows 11 shows the widgets for mail, weather, to-do list, and calendar. It helps you to improve efficiency and productivity and allows you to view all information together in one place. 

  • Gaming

Windows 11 enhances the features for gamers by gaming mode. It improves the graphics performance for gaming users on PC. In this way, gamers can use direct storage features to load games more quickly than live-streaming 

  • Android apps and Microsoft store 

Despite Microsoft’s efforts, the Microsoft store has not caught on with Windows users. Many people are before downloading install packages from the web and installing Android apps. Here, Windows 11 plays a vital role. It aims to change the download and installation way. It redesigned the Microsoft store and allowed it to host various third-party and local apps. 


As Windows 11 introduces exciting features to users, it also ensures security. It gives strong protection to user’s devices against viruses. Ensure you meet the TPM 2.0 Microsoft requirements to update and use Windows 11 on your system. 

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