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Sunshine Sundays with BuzinessBytes: Why celebrate each festival with utmost trust?


Do you believe in God? If yes, then please read on. If not, then still you can read the article to improve your spiritual knowledge (if you want to). Well, just recently Krishna Janmashtami and Dahi Handi festival got ended. And people all over India are now eagerly waiting for the grand festival of Ganesha Chaturthi which lasts for 10-11 days. If you are a Hindu or from any other community, it is obvious that you might have heard about these festivals. So, the reason I mentioned here to celebrate each festival with utmost trust will be revealed below.

‘God sees the truth, but waits’, even by Leo Tolstoy’s dictum, justice has waited too long for Bitta Karate

A woman used to visit Hindu temples for almost 30 years of her life. Now she is 60 years and lives with her aged husband. She takes part eagerly in all the festivals and events that are held in the temples or religious functions. However, her aged husband met with a tragic event at her house when they were going to arrange a Devi pooja. When she meet her relatives in the hospital, she had almost gone into trauma and her beliefs over God were shaken like anything.

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She asked herself and even others what is the use of visiting the temples all these years and also doing so many religious and spiritual activities when her beloved and aged husband had to meet with such a tragic event in their life. She was calmed down by one of her relatives who asked her to recite Hanuman Chalisa for the next month. She replied by saying that she recites the prayers every day but she didn’t find anything to be supportive of this situation.

Her relative said not to lose hope and told her to recite Hanuman Chalisa for one month with utmost trust and belief in the journey. She got confused literally about how her recital of prayers will help her. But she went ahead and prayed to Lord Hanuman with utmost trust in the prayers. Her husband’s reports became normal eventually and he was discharged in the process. She found it as a miracle in her life because all these years, she only did what she was asked to do but she never trusted her journey.

Her idea of spirituality and religion changed drastically and she decided to trust each and every prayer she offered to God with utmost faith. Even when the festivals of different Gods came, she didn’t think that it was just her religious work but considered it as an opportunity to know Gods and Goddesses better. Every time she wrote Jai Shri Ram or prayed to any God or Goddess, she found a spiritual relaxation that only she could experience in her life.

Her message to her children and other relatives is that whatever act of religious functions or celebration of festivals we do, irrespective of whatever you offer to Gods or Goddesses during the festival, make sure it comes from your heart. Even if you don’t know anything to celebrate as per your ancestors or family members, just pray to God with sincere efforts and see how your life changes for the good.

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