Sunshine Sundays with BuzinessBytes: When your friend is no more with you

Sunshine SundaysSunshine Sundays with BuzinessBytes: When your friend is no more with you


You will obviously be sad and depressed as your best friend doesn’t live with you anymore. The separation can be painful especially if you have found your best friend in the form of a relative i.e. a mother or a wife or a sibling, among others. However, you need to understand and accept the law of nature as it is. No one is born immortal and can live lifelong. For example, if you think your friend could have lived for more years and with you, why is this misfortune have to happen to your friend, why can’t she or he return back to life, then these thoughts are definitely natural. You need to be able to understand that life is not to live forever. 

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Human bodies and minds are not ever-lasting but souls are eternal. You never know your friend’s soul may have taken another human form or is trying to help you in some or the other form. Why can’t we just let go of those who are not meant to stay forever? One day your end is also going to happen and that date is decided by the Almighty and not any human. Instead of crying over the death of your best friend and being sad for the rest of your life, you can take this life of yours as an opportunity to do something good and meaningful for the world. You can probably tick off the last wishes of your best friend.

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You can even think of all those sweet memories that you had spent with your best friend and connect with others by giving them a helping hand. Everyone needs a helping hand in their life who can guide them to do the right thing and in the right manner. You never know if the person who you are going to help as a friend would turn out to be your well-wisher when the needy times come in your life. So, come out of the trauma of losing your best friend in life and take charge of your life. Check out online or through the help of experts on how you can take care of your health, finances, and even your profession. 

Go for long walks alone once a week and recollect all the things that your best friend used to tell you to improve your life. Your best friend is there with you in the form of good memories that you need to keep thinking about and doing whatever she or he has left unfulfilled dreams or wishes. While you achieve their dreams, you are helping your best friend’s soul to rest in peace and harmony. 

Knowing that best friends come into your life to give you some purpose will help you sail the journey without much guilt and regret. Everything and everyone is temporary in this world. So, instead of traumatizing yourself with the past hurts of losing your best friend, forming new relationships in your life, and giving a helping hand to others, you never know how grateful your best friend will be to you for taking their ideas of life ahead.

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