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Sunshine Sundays with BuzinessBytes: When life throws challenges at you


When life throws challenges at you, you have got two options: either you quit the journey or you decide to turn the situations that are running against you in your favor. Life is a roller-coaster ride but many times we think that we want happiness, stability, and peace throughout our journey. This increases the anxiety and sadness among people who want to live the same day, each day, and then end their life’s journey with a smile. However, this is not possible because we deal with a lot of changes that keep happening all over the world.

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When you keep seeing people around you getting rich or attaining more success, you usually get jealous or confused about why you can’t enjoy the same level of success and happiness as theirs. But that’s not how it works for everyone. Success comes to those who welcome it wholeheartedly by putting in the right efforts at the right time. So, if you have been delaying your success by not working towards your goals, you are doing more harm to yourself than anyone else.

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If you have a health challenge to overcome, you need to figure out in the first place how you can come out of the sickness. Will a combination of the right medicines from the right doctor and taking the right treatment so that you don’t face major trouble in the long run will help you? Or will you keep lingering your treatment process and do dilly dally with your health by eating all the nonsense that food stores are making available in the name of junk food?

More than the challenge that hits you hard, it is your approach to what steps you are taking to come out of the crisis. If you are someone who likes to live with challenges, then you will end up creating a tragic life for yourself that will have only people to sympathize with you and nothing else. But if you are a born leader, you will make all the required efforts to solve your problems with the right solutions.

You may ask how come you can take leadership as a role in your life when you don’t know the head and tail of your challenges. Well, it is easier said than done, many may argue but that’s what life is all about. The more in sync you are with life’s journey and understand what life really wants to tell you to think or do, the more likely you will find the ray of hope needed to transform your life.

Do you want to keep crying all your life and blame others for not achieving your goals? Or do you want to rise from the ground yet stay rooted and accomplish your true calling? The choice is totally yours but how you will decide is what will make sure that your remaining life is a good journey or not. I know it is indeed difficult to beat the odds and come out of your limited comfort zone, but if you crack the formula of success, you are the king or queen in your life!

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