Sunshine Sundays with BuzinessBytes: When life becomes a mess, don’t scroll up and down

Sunshine SundaysSunshine Sundays with BuzinessBytes: When life becomes a mess, don't scroll up...


The Internet has become a huge thing for us. Like, we don’t know to breathe air in peace if we don’t get access to Wifi passwords and even the internet. So much is the influence of the internet in our lives that we tend to follow fashion, education trends, and even how to propose to your girlfriend/boyfriend as how your favorite celebrity does. So, when we are influenced by the internet so deeply, what happens when your home is a mess. Well, your internet addiction doesn’t have superpowers to clean your home, and neither can it do anything if you have really spoiled your relations with others.

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So, got a heated argument with your friend? Well, your internet addiction can help you to read articles on how to patch it up and also offer some expert advice. But it is your efforts to mend the relationship that can solve the problems of your life. So, now too, if you are just scrolling up and down and reading my article, you are one of the persons who acquire all sorts of knowledge and information but when it comes to implementation or putting things into action, you refrain from doing anything productive. 

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However, I won’t waste a lot of your time this Sunday and make you understand the importance of time. Time and again, it has been proven that when things don’t work as per your wish or expectations, you should leave them and let them go. But that doesn’t mean you act or don’t do anything. During the testing times, it is your effort to collect all the wrong things and start solving one problematic knot one at a time. 

You have all the ways to clean things up and fix the problems. Firstly you can start expressing your thoughts and emotions as it is without any filters to your loved ones. Make a to-do list that will allow you to start doing things and not just keep planning because after all, it is “to-do” and not “to-plan”. Keep focused on your work till it gets completed. 

Your internet addiction can come in the way of your work. You will feel stuck at times and even distracted if you don’t keep your energy focused. Being in the present moment and doing what suits you in the present time can help you with many things to be done. You can even keep an alarm to tick off a task from the list. If being strict stops you from doing things as per the list, you can take a few breaks in between and take a few treats for completing whatever you could do.

Talking to someone who also had an internet addiction in the past but overcame it with grit, determination, and dedication can keep you motivated in the journey. If your problem is financial and emotional and requires expert help, then don’t hesitate to ask for support and assistance from senior people or siblings who have seen these kinds of mess in their past and have overcome it all.

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