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Sunshine Sundays with Garima

This Young Generation….

Oh..what a bad day! My life got stuck! Umm. My luck is not in my favor! Blah blah blah..almost every youngster says in a day. Correct me if I am wrong.

Well, today’s generation, or today’s world, is a race. Everyone wants the first position. Is this possible for everyone to get the first position? No..not at all. Not only you, everyone sees ups and downs in their life. It is like “Dusare ki thali me ghee jada lagta hai ( The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence).”

You need to know everyone has their life struggle; they are already fighting it. Distract yourself from their life and focus on yours. Learn, grow, and explore yourself! It is the only way you won’t say anything bad about yourself and your beautiful life.

If someone is ahead of you, don’t feel jealous; observe their quality and try to immerse it in yourself. Ask them, how can I improve myself? What are my bad habits that become obstacles? Even after asking them, they don’t help you; let it be. Just observe them and keep growing.

Also, one thing that makes your life more complicated is ‘Social Media.’ The Social media world is just a virtual world that we make real. Whatever we see on social media is real, but is it? Nothing at all..right? So, be real and live life in reality. Try to disconnect yourself from the social media. Use it in limitation. Don’t be addicted to that.

When you feel peace within yourself and focus on yourself, believe me, you will see extraordinary results. Don’t worry about what people say, what they are doing, or where they are going. See your blessing and be grateful for it. Some people don’t have things that you own. Maybe you don’t have much money, but you have a loving family, maybe you don’t have a friend circle, but you have one friend that never leaves your side. Isn’t that blessing you should count?

Many things in the world are becoming part of the race, but remember, you only get it once it’s your turn. So, do your work honestly, and you will get the results. Please don’t be jealous of others; instead, see their progress, hard work, and passion for their goals. Comparing and being jealous of other achievements doesn’t make any sense.

Final Thought

Overthinking, jealousy, and comparing become a part of the young generation’s life. They want everything easily, but you must accept that nothing comes effortlessly. You should know you are unique; you own things that some people might crave, see your good side and make your life comfortable.


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