Sunshine Sundays with Garima

Sunshine SundaysSunshine Sundays with Garima


Sunshine Sundays with Garima

The Universe is trying to say something. Listen to it!!

“Let The Universe Guide You.”

Have you ever noticed the signs the Universe gives you? If your answer is no, then listen to it right now. Notice the signs that the Universe is giving to you, whether through a dream or some incident. Try to notice it because the Universe is always trying to get your attention. 

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When you notice it, your life becomes less confusing, and you live a sorted life. No overthinking, overanalyzing, rushing, judging and being angry. Receive the message from the Universe with an open heart; otherwise, you won’t understand the signs that are trying to communicate with you.

When you see these signs, don’t over-analyze them; instead, trust them. Trust that the Universe always supports you in every step of life. Assaying” The Universe always has your back”, believe in that. 

Each sign has a unique message for you when you are looking for an answer. You need to pay attention to those subtle ways. Slow down, take a deep breath and tune yourself to whatever signs show up in your life.

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However, not every incident or something always has a message for you, but it becomes an angel message when you are looking for an answer and don’t know what to do. Try to see the signs around you; maybe you get the sign while washing dishes, stuck in traffic, or talking to someone. You never know how and where you get the signs.

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Trust the process, trust the timing, and trust the Universe. Because they effortlessly plan our life, but we humans make it complicated. So, don’t get disturbed when you don’t know what to do; observe the things around you, and find your path. 

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