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Sunshine Sundays with BuzinessBytes: Learn to Accept Failure

failure and success

It is okay to err but it is not okay to live in denial. Failure is a success if we learn from it.

Have you ever taken any risks in your life? Well, if you say that your life is 100% based on taking risks only then you are upfront fooling yourself. We all like to stay in our comfort zones until and unless there is an external force that wakes us up to come out of our cocoon. The ability to take risks comes with a mindset to try and err. And our education system has only taught us to mug up things and follow the rules as they are taught.

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Only one in thousands of people dare to challenge the existing systems of education and industry. Such rare people are so courageous that they don’t mind talking to the principal or dean or boss of the institution and discussing what changes need to be introduced for the betterment of everyone. They are unafraid of the consequences because they know deep within themselves that they are right and their efforts are to bring about a transformation.

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However, when such rare wise gems are ignored and taken for granted, the majority of the people go back to living in the same old rut. We are so afraid to hear the word “failure” that we keep studying the same old topics to fare in our exams or keep doing the same old tasks at work to please the manager. We basically live in denial mode that everything is fine and this is how your life has been designed.

Risk-taking comes with practice and a willingness to be prepared for the consequences. For example, if you are a college student who has ample time at hand, then try for taking up courses that are new-generation and not related to your academics. You may learn a new skill that can land you a better job opportunity in the long run. You may also feel that you wasted your time or money by learning a course not relevant to your career. But either of it happens, you will always be proud that you took a risk and did something challenging in your life.

Failing at the new course may make you look like a failure but if you convince your mind that the trial-and-error method is the way to learn better then you are on the right track. Instead of feeling dejected about failure or not learning to accept your mistakes, you will live in the same cocoon that will never help you to fly high. Think about it!

Another example can be a hobby that you loved to do in your childhood but never got the backing to support the skill. Now is the time for you if you take the hobby seriously. You can simply enroll in the class or practice your hobby at home whenever you get time. You may not get 100% results and there is a probability that you will fail badly. But so what? You will at least feel happy to have tried your hands at something you always wanted to do. 

Final Thought:

Loosen up your life and become flexible with your thinking patterns. You don’t always need that A grade on the marksheet or always have to have proved to your family members that you are the best. At times, failing at the unexplored territories really won’t make you look like a failure if you carry the lessons learned from the journey well and implement them in your life so that the next time you try, you will get at it.

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