Sunshine Sundays with BuzinessBytes: Do you believe in eternal love?

Sunshine SundaysSunshine Sundays with BuzinessBytes: Do you believe in eternal love?


Tera Chehra Jab Nazar Aaye… is the amazing song I heard last night from the 2016 cult film Sanam Teri Kasam. I had skipped watching this film back then because it was no blockbuster and didn’t mint any huge numbers at the box office. However, the song made me catch the film on Zee5 (also available on Eros Now app). It was an almost 2.5 hours journey of what made the couple attract to each other and promise eternal love.

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I was really impressed and I started listening to all the songs from this film on YouTube. Scrolling through the comments section, I read a comment in which a user had written how he lost his girlfriend in the coronavirus pandemic times and how this film really reminds him of his eternal love story. The love that two lovers share with each other not just to connect physically and emotionally but remains strong even if one or both the partners leave this material world.

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The story of Sanam Teri Kasam really made me wonder if such lovers really exist even in these modern times where divorces, break-ups, and extra-marital affairs have just become too common. But knowing the film’s characters Saru and Inder closely watching the film made me really believe that eternal love really does exist. Although people may debate that aisa sirf filmon mein hota hai, but in my personal life, I have seen couples fighting like anything throughout their marital lives, but when some adversity strikes either of the partners, they just forgive the past and go to any lengths to fulfill their marital promises.

Eternal love is not a myth, it is just that people have stopped believing in the institution of marriage and romantic relationships by getting influenced by the breakups and sob stories of the rich and celebrities. Common people don’t really get the leisure and pleasure that such groups enjoy so comparing and even criticizing the rich for spreading the “no one’s fault divorce” culture is not absolutely correct.

When couples really set realistic expectations and keep believing in themselves, they can really set relationship goals and make people in the society really start trusting the institution of marriage and relationships. It is all about how one tries to manage their lives – personal, job, family, couple, etc. by keeping everything transparent to build that ‘forever’ mentality. 

True love really exists and eternal love is really forever. Not trusting the same is what makes couples become distant from each other thus, creating chaos in the relationship. I really liked the dialogue when Saru says to her dad, apne mann ka ho toh accha aur apne mann ka na ho toh aur bhi accha. Also, when she tries to convince Inder in the film a few minutes before passing away that God has really gifted me your love and that’s why I need to go to him now. 

If you are someone facing troubles in trusting and loving each other, just try watching cult classic movies like Sanam Teri Kasam that will really prove why eternal love can truly last forever and lead you to get the ultimate happiness.

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