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Sunshine Sundays with BuzinessBytes: Are you aware of these life lessons from Lord Ganesha?

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Sunshine Sundays with BuzinessBytes: Are you aware of these life lessons from Lord Ganesha?

Lord Ganesha who is also called Elephant God is not simply the Lord of Beginnings and Remover of Obstacles. Lord Ganesha is also a teacher and whether you are his follower or not, you get all these life lessons from the Lord Ganesh Ekdant.

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1) Have good listening capabilities:

Lord Ganesha always gives the message that one must be a good listener. Even if you are not good at speaking, you should be able to listen well. Being a good listener is vital to managing any situation. You should be willing to listen first and then speak well. The ears of Lord Ganesha, which are of elephant’s ears can be used to understand the importance of being a good listener.

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2) Have a good balance in your life:

It is vital that you maintain a good balance in your life. Be it at home at work or while playing interesting fun activities in life, you must always maintain a good balance in your life. If you have seen the idol of Lord Ganesha, you will find out that the Lord’s feet rest on the ground and the other feet are folded. It gives the message to millennials to have a balanced life.

3) Be humble and have respect for everyone:

Lord Ganesha always teaches people to respect all and be humble to everyone. Lord Ganesha teaches his followers that everyone is equal and that’s why they should be treated respectfully. If you want respect, you should give respect. Lord Ganesha using a mouse as a vehicle itself shows his humility and respect towards the smallest of creatures.

4) Utilize your power and knowledge in a wise manner:

No matter how much knowledge or power one possesses, it should be utilized for the welfare of the people instead of using it to exploit them. You should use your knowledge and power to influence others in a positive manner and not harm yourself or others. Lord Ganesha despite being the knowledge of God never misused it.

5) Accept your flaws and imperfections as they are:

No person is totally perfect and completely flawless. There are certain limitations in each person and that is what makes every person unique in their own way. If you look at the idol of Lord Ganesha, you will find that he had the head of an elephant and a human body. He accepted his imperfections and didn’t consider them to be any sort of weakness. Instead, he taught everyone how one should not go by looks or perfect figures and embrace a healthy body and good mind as it is instead of comparing it with others.

So, as we list the life lessons from Lord Ganesha, we wanted to know how are you planning to celebrate the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi. Are you thinking of implementing any of the above or all life lessons in your life and starting a new beginning? Or will you keep thinking about your past and not understand the real meaning of worshipping Lord Ganesha? The choice is totally yours, share your views with us in the COMMENTS below.

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