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The Comfort Of Comfort Zone. Part – II

In my last Sunshine Sunday article I had posed a question- when we clearly understand how important it is for our children to move out of their comfort zone then why as adults we forget the same fact and often fail to apply it in our lives?

Well, it’s not that we grown ups are oblivious of the fact that stepping out of our comfort zone is equally important for us. It’s just that with age, the fear of unknown and anxiety to leave the comfort zone takes over our urge to explore new.

The tricky part is that rather than accepting that their reason of not venturing into something is fear. Many people rather put their best efforts in convincing themselves and others of how and why it’s a better idea to not take the said step.

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Their reasons often include

1- Risks involved and how others have failed in the same process. Often both of these are much exaggerated than real.

2- Safe aspects of their current situation.

3- Some imaginary hurdles or problems which might arise if they take this step.

4- Might always promise to begin with it post any particular event or time and thereby go on delaying it.

Eg- A person who very well knows that he needs to exercise for good health might always bring his busy schedule as an excuse.

Or might always promise to join the gym from coming month, week, after a festival that’s approaching, or when a very demanding office project culminates. Yet won’t join even after these events have passed and yet again set new deadlines.

The more we delay required changes, the more comfortable we become in our set boundaries and the mental strength required to venture out increases.

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How to change this pattern

Make the process of change gradual rather than immediate. One small step at a time. This gradually converts unknown into known.

Attain information about the new but stay unbiased towards it and weigh it practically. i.e- don’t go on elaborating the negatives than they are in real , neither unnecessarily create any imaginary positives.

Throughout the process never forget why you need this particular change. The drawbacks of your current situation act as your biggest motivators.

Keep your circle of people who constantly encourage and inspire you.

Create a mental image of how you will feel in this new, better situation. Imagine it every day and with much details. Eg- if you are planning to learn driving, or move to a new house . Imagine the happiness and contentment you will experience when you accomplish it. This feeling will act as a great motivator.

Remember ups and downs are part of any process. You will face some lows too in your attempt to change but final victory will be worth it.

Never stop exploring, never stop evolving…

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