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Sunshine Sundays With Anushree


Sunshine Sundays With Anushree

RakshaBandhan – celebrate togetherness

Thanks to festivals which make us spare time from our busy schedules for our relatives and our dear ones. RakshaBandhan

Days and months go by, sometimes even years, with people not being able to meet their siblings. In some cases siblings live in different cities, in others in different countries and in some cases even though they reside in the same house, their schedules hardly allow them to share even a meal together.

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I myself haven’t met my brother since last two years. And there are many sisters across the world like me. Who yearn to be with their brothers, particularly on this special day of Rakhi.

A day which reminds us of all the good times spend together, of the lovely bond we share. It reminds of all the childish fights we had, and of all the secrets we shared. A day when we unite our prayers and love and tie them on the wrist of our brothers in the form of colourful threads.

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Pandemic has further reduced the physical access to places. However, on the contrary these tough times have made people value relations and their preciousness even more; bringing their hearts closer.

So, no matter how far you and your brother/ sister is. Don’t let this day go by, call them, celebrate the festival online , cherish the moments. Covid has parted many siblings and families forever.
Count your blessings and don’t regret the distance, rather celebrate the togetherness.

Happy Rakshabandhan!

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