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Sunshine Sundays With Anushree

Living it child’s way

Have you ever been in a room full of people, all strangers to each other? None speaking a word, all pretending to be extremely occupied. There is an indescribable heaviness in the air of that room. Now just let a little child in that grim room.  A child unaware of the ‘how to behave like civilized adults’ norms. That child enters the room and starts walking absurdly, laughing loudly, asking questions, smiling and talking to everyone. In less than a minute almost everyone and almost everything in that room seems alive. All heads turn to that child, strangers laugh with him. Get amused by his activities. And strangely no one feels offended by anything he does or says. Cheerlessness of that room starts vanishing. This is the power of a child’s untamed attitude. And this is the reason why we should always keep the child inside us alive, it keeps our heart from transforming into a grim room.

It is undoubtedly essential to refine and train ourselves as per societal norms as we grow up. Else we would end up either offending others or being offended. However, the problem lies in overdoing anything. We don’t realize when these social behavioral norms start caging the freedom of our basic emotions. From a very early age we start training children how to behave like civilized adults. We teach them way to think, way to talk and way to behave. All of it holds its importance, but equally important is to realize how much an adult can learn from a child’s rawness.

Kids show us how to enjoy the simple joys of life irrespective of their price tags. We need to realize that expensive things don’t necessarily mean more happiness. A child shuns all his expensive toys to play in the puddle of mud; to feel the raindrops on his skin.

With age we grow fearful, we avoid stepping out of our comfort zones. Without realizing that our comfort zone might mean safety but it also means no new experiences and no new learnings. Children teach us to be fearless. Unknown can’t frighten anyone unless they devote too much time contemplating it. It is then that the unknown starts feeding on one’s fear and pushing them back towards their safe haven. Once in a while it’s important to be intrepid like a child. To step out of the usual and step into the thrill of new. Kids teach us to be curious, they teach us to be excited about new beginnings. Like them we should allow the world teach us something new every day.

We should learn to enjoy like a child. Increasing candles on your birthday cake shouldn’t keep you from enjoying your life. Dance, even if you are in your 80s. If your aching legs don’t allow it, even then you can sway your hands to the rhythm. Laugh till your stomach hurts. Laugh a little louder than the set standards of decency, and question who created those laughter parameters in the very first place. Do all of it but do them with an attitude as harmless and pure as a child.

Even after being proficient in various languages one can’t deny that majority of grown-ups struggle to convey their feelings. However, a child with not even a tenth of the vocabulary is able to expresses himself flawlessly. Kids teach us to be honest about our feelings. Also, they never fail to show us how to be present in moment fully. They never carry emotion of one moment to another. A child cries one moment and the moment you distract him he starts laughing, completely forgetting the pain he was carrying a minute ago. Moreover, a child never holds grudge against the person who had scolded him earlier as a child is too busy enjoying his present moment.

There is a child inside all of us just allow that child to add colors to your life. The radiance of the outcome will definitely brighten your monotonous life. 

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