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Sunshine Sundays With Anushree

Extending A Helping Hand

Most of us don’t even think twice before ordering a burger or buying a coffee from our favourite food chain.

We order shoes, bags, shirts even when our wardrobe is already overflowing.

We spend money on buying things which we might not use for another three or four months or maybe not even for a year. Or we buy something that we might just use once and it lies forgotten till it loses all its charm.

Yes, most of the people reading this article are blessed with such financial strength that they can afford to spend on things they wish. After all that’s what we work so hard for. And yes, it’s perfectly all right .

Perfectly all right till the time we confront the harsh truth that COVID has hit few lives so hard that they don’t have any means to feed their family. There are people, especially the ones whose earnings were totally dependent on tourism who have hardly earned in last two years.

No, most of us don’t think twice before ordering an item which is not ‘essential’ but a ‘luxury’ but we think 100 or maybe 200 times before contributing for a cause, even if it’s a meagre amount.

Can’t we just cut down on one restaurant order a month and help someone with that amount? Or can’t we just avoid buying a not at all urgent piece of clothing.Have we become such slaves of our temptations that we are unable to cut on just one not so important expenditure each month and help a needy. Or have we become so heartless that a pizza seems far more important to us than a poor starving child.

Another very important thing that we need to understand is that no contribution for a good cause is small or petty. Even a Rs10 contribution from 5 people creates a 50 , which is one complete meal for someone.

As rightly mentioned by the lead pastor of National Community Church, Mark Batterson – “When God blesses you financially, don’t raise your standard of living. Raise your standard of giving.”

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