Sunshine Sundays With Anushree

Sunshine SundaysSunshine Sundays With Anushree


Sunshine Sundays With Anushree


  • I shouldn’t trust people; I always end being cheated.
  • No matter whichever organization I join, I always get inefficient team mates. I always end up handling everyone else’s work load and working overtime.
  • I somehow always end up getting hurt in my relations.
  • Money never sticks with me.
  • I always get quarrelsome roommates.

Patterns, patterns, patterns. Anything that happens with you every time or very often is a clear pattern. It’s an issue in your life that is demanding your attention. Or shall we say that through these repetitions life is nudging you to work on yourself and improve.

Most of the people end up blaming external factors- other people, luck, surroundings etc. for such situations. However, they fail to notice the pattern. If a situation occurs once, there can be chances of it being dominated by some external force, but if similar situations arise over and over then it’s time to wake up and realize that it’s about ‘YOU’ and not anyone else.

Just think for a while:

a) With the same external forces at work, how other people around you don’t end up in the same soup?

b) Even with external forces differing, how you always end up in the same soup?

The answer to both the questions is ‘approach’.  With the same external forces at work, other people don’t end up in the same situation because they handle things in their own different ways, as per their nature i.e- their ‘approach’ is different, which doesn’t lands them in your situation. 

While on the other hand even with external forces differing, your same ‘approach’ always lands you in the same situation.

As philosophers and saints say- ‘when we change from inside the world outside changes too’. To stop suffering from the same, you have to work on yourself and bring necessary changes in your behavior. Your changed behavior will result in your changed perspective, which thereby will change your approach towards things and hence result in culmination of repetitive situations. 

Let me make it easy – Think of it as a video game. Where you have to repeat the same level over and over unless you learn from your previous mistakes and past experiences and improve your game. The same holds for life. The approach should be to identify the aspect of your nature which causes the problem, learn and grow over that attitude and mistake, and break the pattern. Rather than feeling frustrated and defeated by the same challenges disrupting your life.

Identify it, improve it!

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