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Sunshine Sundays With Anushree


No points for guessing if we ask anyone across the globe what the year 2020 was about, what their answer will be.

Yes, you just thought it right.

A virus that turned the whole world round.

An extremely tiny virus, invisible to human eye was enough to make us realize us how fake our ego, pride and the thought of being the most powerful species on earth were.

We humans accumulate more than we can eat. We destroy more than what the nature can replenish.

And we live in a fool’s world where money is way more important than oxygen.

No, the subtle hints of nature have not been enough to wake us up. Several species of animals, birds and plants go extinct every year but we choose to stay blind.

Drying rivers, melting glaciers, depleting ozone layer, but we choose not to give up our over indulgent ways.

Our dependency on plastics and toxins is such that the oceans went on turning black and so did the sky. Every year tons and tons of waste is dumped into oceans, which has been killing sea life at an unbelievable pace. But it doesn’t bother us. It doesn’t bother us to breathe the toxic air which is our creation or to enjoy sea food which due to our irresponsible lifestyle has plastic particles as its integral part.

We think ourselves wise to choose luxury residential societies and air-conditioned schools for our kids, all made on acres of forest and farm lands. Only the wisest species on earth can choose facilities over essentials of life, and we indeed are that.

Landslides, floods, drastic climate change, earthquakes what else do we expect when we force nature to lose its balance.

Right now, what we want most is this pandemic to end. To be free from its constant fear and to get our old normal life back. It’s painful to see numerous deaths around, hospitals far more occupied than their capacity, families unable to see their infected departed members one last time. As we bid goodbye to 2020 let’s pray that we get a way out of covid and its mutations soon. But also, let’s not overlook the lesson to improve our ways, to minimize our carbon footprints. This earth belongs to everyone – to every tree, animal, bird and to every human. The only way to survive is to learn to respect and coexist. We must not forget that what we give to the world always finds its way back to us and that’s the law of the universe.

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