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A ‘GOOD’ Morning !

Have you ever seen birds wake up in the morning? Or animals? Have you ever seen plants wake up? Have you ever noticed how blissfully earth and all the life on it wakes up? As if it’s the ultimate blessing to open eyes and see another morning.

On the contrary, have you ever seen humans wake up?

Majority of ‘world’s most intelligent species’, especially the refined ones, living in the fast-paced cities and towns wake up as if they have woken up to a recurring burden. While few have to console themselves hard to step out of bed and face the day, others wake up sprinting with their first step down. No wonder, how most of these people end up having a frustrating, tiring or a bad day. 

Morning is the most important part of our day. While a right start can build your day, a wrong one can leave you drained even before the sun sinks. All of us have experienced days when one little slipup in the morning, like misplacing key or dropping coffee on shirt, starts rolling everything in the wrong direction, eventually painting the entire day grey. The trick to not let one incident affect our subsequent actions is by sealing that particular action and its outcome, but we will discuss it in some other article.  In this article we will talk about easy little steps that can help us create foundation of a ‘good morning’.

  • Wake up early: The pre-step to it is, to sleep on time. Though few late nights in a month can be accommodated but if you are in the habit of sleeping late every night and then either waking up late or cutting your sleep short, then you are simply damaging your body. In either of these cases you are not going to wake up happy and fresh. An obvious reason for it is pushing your body against its natural biological clock. Try waking well in time so that you have ample of time to start your day and you don’t have to rush for office the minute you wake up. In case you don’t have any morning deadlines even then keep your schedule right. Try waking up no later than 7am.
  • Freshen up: The stuck accumulations in your body need to be cleared, which even includes proper cleaning of eyes and nasal tracts.
  • Hydrate: The first thing you need to have in the morning is water. Your morning tea/coffee can wait for later. Take care of not having water directly from water purifier/RO. Rather you can store water in a glass or copper bottle overnight by your bedside and have this in the morning. Do not use plastic bottle for this.
  • Wake your room up: Push those curtains and open the windows. Let sunlight and fresh air in. Let yourself and your room breathe.
  • Stretch and smile: Stretch your body well. Your limbs, spine, neck. Move your jammed shoulders round, push them back and inflate your chest, bend forward and arch backwards. Do all this with rhythmic breathing and a content smile on your face.
  • Tune your mind: Morning is the best time to start harmonizing your mind. So, start by refraining your mind from running any unpleasant incident from previous day. If you have a bad habit of replaying past incidents hysterically then distract your mind by playing a happy song. Select a song that you can sing along. While if you are someone whose mind does jumps to bygones but it’s still under manageable limit then distract yourself by simply playing an uplifting music; no lyrics. And for the ones who have comparatively settled and peaceful mind, start your day with soothing nature or meditative music.
  • Make your bed: Don’t ever leave this task for ‘the later’ list. Making your bed organizes a major part of your room and hence of your day.
  • Eat right: Don’t miss your breakfast. Eat healthy, eat good and start your day energetically. Opt for more natural and raw items rather that packaged and processed foods.  

Did you note that our ‘good morning’ list doesn’t carry any mention of mobile phone? So, don’t wake up checking your social media accounts or work messages. For a less stressed morning, keep this little machine at bay. 

Once you get habitual to beginning your day this way then go on enhancing it further by positive inclusions like morning walk, exercise, meditation, laughter therapy, prayer etc. We can’t control external factors that play their part in our day but we can certainly avoid waking up on the wrong side of the bed.

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