Sunshine Sundays: Respect and Appreciate whatever you have

Sunshine SundaysSunshine Sundays: Respect and Appreciate whatever you have


Sunshine Sundays: Respect and Appreciate whatever you have

There is a time when we realize how far we have come and it is a human tendency to start comparing our past with the present. So, say if we had a well-paying job when we were in our 20s and now we are jobless when we are in our 30s, we resist that kind of a change and start feeling dissatisfied with our lives. We just do not compare our past with our present but we also have the small thinking sometimes coming in our brains wherein we compare our present with the present situation of others who may be our friends, relatives, or family members.

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So, if my friend is currently having a well-settled family with children and a wife, I may start feeling jealous if I am unmarried and don’t have a life partner. It is this thinking that puts us in major troubles as we stop enjoying our own lives the way it is and we start living in hallucinations and imaginations that may not be favorable for our heart and mind. We begin criticizing ourselves in our minds and mocking others the best way possible when we are with our friends or relatives. We start getting into the trap of an inflated ego that is just trying to find security but is unable to and thus, finds pleasure in degrading others even when they are quite well or similar to us.

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When we are alone, we degrade our own selves and start the practices of self-depreciation. This is how we fall easily the victims of anxiety, depression, stress, and other mental disorders because we have been sabotaging ourselves to the maximum extent. In short, we have become our own enemies who are creating troubles and challenges for ourselves just based on our negative thinking patterns.

We are simply attracting more and more negativity in our lives thus, stagnating our growth and development. This we don’t realize until and unless we are probed further by a genuine friend who is really interested in our progress in life. So, how do we stop this worst phase? Simply put, we have to do a lot of self-realization practices and firstly, we need to start respecting ourselves and be content with whatever we have in our lives.

Practicing gratitude for whatever you possess in life can go a long way in shifting your thinking towards your betterment and happiness. You will start to see the good things happening in your life once you make the effort to count your blessings and take more pride in your accomplishments. You will feel a sense of purpose in your life that will spread positivity around you and all these things will happen only if you make the effort. 

Whenever things go the wrong way, do not push yourself to look at what went wrong. But focus on what went right. So, if you met with a small accident wherein you were hospitalized for a day, just thank God that you were protected from the major hassles that people have to go through when they are met with major illnesses or diseases. It is all in your hand to take good care of your body and mind and it is all about the Thankyou that you need to tell yourself first and to all others who play an important role in your life.

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