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Sunshine Sundays with BuzinessBytes: It is always too early to call it quits


Each one of us went through the toughest times of our life in 2020, 2021, and even 2022. The COVID-19 pandemic that resulted in reported over 62 lakhs deaths all over the world is a hugely traumatic experience that people have faced in recent times. Like no one expected that they would be fined some money if they didn’t wear a proper mask when they stepped out of their homes. Like no one expected that their jobs would be put on hold or they would get laid off despite working in the top companies and having educational qualifications from the top institutes of the country. Like no child expected that they would be given mobile phones or laptops to carry out their daily learning needs.

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So, in a way life changed for several people out there. This made life tough for people who were left with limited resources. However, success could be achieved and goals could be reached even in troubled waters if people know how to try with a fighting spirit and perseverance. Perseverance is the unwavering focus and attempts to achieve success and live each day with a willingness to win. 

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I had read an inspiring story of the successful American business magnate Steve Jobs. After dropping out of his college, he joined a course in calligraphy. In his father’s garage, he co-founded Apple but due to a power struggle, he was asked to quit the organization. Jobs didn’t lose hope and started two new companies Next and Pixar. He didn’t stop there and went ahead to fulfill his ambitions of revolutionizing technology. He never thought that failure is something bad because whenever he failed, he emerged successful by trying as much as he can to win.

He grew by not taking failure to heart but instead, he decided that calling it quits whenever he failed was too early. His perseverance and strong determination are what helped him to get back to Apple as the co-founder after the company got merged with his own founded company Next. Don’t you think that he took inspiration from his own hard work to keep going despite all the challenges and difficulties? 

Steve Jobs considered a failure as a part of his learning process. He learned from his mistakes and errors. He never thought of quitting his journey even when things went against him. He was confident and took concentrated efforts to reach his goals in life. Although Steve Jobs is no more with us, he gives life lessons through his journey even in today’s times. You can consider Steve Jobs or any other person as your role model who has proved that come what may, quitting is not the solution to the problem.

At times, we try and try but the lock of success doesn’t open. We get discouraged in life and think that leaving the project or job or educational opportunity or life chance is the best option. However, at times, it is always the last key in the bunch that opens the door of opportunity to success and happiness. So, keep trying and never call it quits so soon. 

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