Sunshine Sundays with Stephanie

Sunshine SundaysSunshine Sundays with Stephanie


Sunshine Sundays with Stephanie

It’s the season of Love

Come February and you are bombarded with love messages. Heart shaped helium balloons can be spotted at every major red light. The flower shops are decked up for the biggest event of the year. If you thought you could stay at home and be saved from all this, then you are wrong in that as well. Through Text, WhatsApp and Emails, the markets will get to you and remind you that Valentine’s Day is around the corner.

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While there is no reason not to feel loved all year round or for that matter planning a grand gesture for your special someone around Valentine’s Day, it is also the time when singles are forced to think of their existence as “sad” and sometimes “lonely”. No matter how many friends one has or how loved they feel all year round, the longing for a partner gets intensified (irrespective of their relationship status)

However, be it the February effect or the world in general, one must not forget that the biggest love story that we should have is with ourselves. Being happy in our skin is one thing but being in love with another. To a lot of us, loving ourselves is an uphill task. Right from birth, we are asked to keep people around us above us. It is even more pronounced for the women, who are conditioned that they are the ones that have to take the load of the compromise. They are the ones that are supposed to balance between home and work.

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This does not imply just taking yourself on a date on Valentine’s Day or buying scented candles for yourself as Pooja did from the superhit movie Dil to Pagal Hai. If these gestures mean something to you, then please go ahead and indulge, but this should not be the start and end of it. One should look at having a deeper more lasting relationship with oneself almost as we have for people around us. From my experience, I can tell that getting to know oneself and falling in love is a process. Also, after falling in love, staying in love is another. It takes effort to keep aside for the needed me time and get into the mindset of loving yourself.

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