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Sunshine Sundays with BuzinessBytes: How can you make Buddhism a part of your life?


Buddha Purnima or Buddha’s birthday is on 16th May 2022, Monday. So, writing this post just a day before is to make you aware of why I strongly believe that Buddhism is one of the new ways of looking at life. No, I will not bore you by writing an educational writeup here on Buddhism but instead give you a glimpse of the three main beliefs of Buddhism. The religion that has its origin 2,500 years back in India believes that human life is a suffering one and one can achieve enlightenment or nirvana if they practice meditation, spiritual and physical work, and good behavior.

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Okay, so let us take three beliefs one by one in our actual life. So, what is really meditation? If you think you have to join a class or do it like someone to practice meditation, then let me tell you that it doesn’t work that way. Meditation is simply about being yourself. It is a practice that requires hardly 5 minutes from your busy life so that you can sit with your mind in a peaceful place and close your eyes to get in touch with your inner true self. It is about establishing a connection with what is it that your true self wants in life. It is as simple as it sounds in real life as well.

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Spiritual work can also be considered religious work. So, if you have been visiting temples in your nearby locality, you may know how effective it is when you touch the feet of the Lord and get blessings. You may feel wonderful from within when you adore the serenity that you can experience at the temple. If you have been a part of the donation campaigns at the temple or religious or spiritual institutions, you will understand the importance of how every single rupee counts when you are about to treat a patient or give food and clothes to the needy. 

The third belief of Buddhism is good behavior, which means when you do good, you get good. It is as simple as it sounds but how do you understand it? Well, you get a newspaper in the morning at your doorstep but when you start reading, you realize that your newspaperman has delivered the newspaper to your neighbor as well to you. So, instead of taking that as a chance to read, you decide to bell his ring and give him his newspaper. He gets a smile on his face as he was waiting badly to get the newspaper but thought the newspaperman failed to get it. Isn’t this the most simple example of good behavior?

So, don’t you think by following the above 3 principles of Buddhism, you are actually inviting more peace and happiness into your life in the easiest way possible? Well, Gautama Buddha didn’t find Buddhism to put any restrictions on his people or categorize them into a group. His intention was to encourage people to live easier lives with fewer sufferings and achieve happiness through the easiest acts of goodness.

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