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Sunshine Sundays with BuzinessBytes: Don’t send your senior parents to old age home


When a man is young, he is the most wanted by his family to help them improve their living standards, take up newer responsibilities, get married, get a job, start a family, and many more. Same way, when he enters the middle-age group, he is most wanted by his children because it is the parent who takes care of everything in terms of school education, and monthly expenses to pay for the games, outings, and movie malls, among others. Not just his family, but even at his company, he gets the admiration from the young lot who take inspiration from him as a leader. Tax authorities like him more because he pays the tax regularly from the hefty paychecks that he may be getting and contributes to the betterment of the economy.


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However, as he crosses 55 or 60 years of age, he starts getting weak physically and for some, it happens mentally as well. Quarrels increase at home as young children don’t want the expert advice of their aging parents. “Dad, there is a huge generation gap. You are not getting what I am trying to say. We need to upgrade ourselves and can’t think backward. Why don’t you just understand dad?” is what the man gets to hear at his home from his grown-up children on a regular basis. 


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Not just is there chaos in his family life, but the man also faces troubles in his health wherein the reports are not that great. He starts taking medicines to cure illnesses that may come in the future or may have already started to appear in the body. His mind starts getting affected and thus, he starts removing his frustrations with his aging wife and even young children.


When the man’s mind and body don’t co-operate for him and make him get a completely different perspective from reality, his friends and well-wishers reduce. The connections that used to praise him at one time for his leadership skills and financial knowledge are no longer calling him anymore. He is almost sidelined as he is entering old age with loneliness and hopelessness in life. In such a scenario, becoming rigid and adamant about following a particular lifestyle and sticking to their cultural norms are quite common.

When your parents become old, don’t think of them as a burden. But consider them as your small children who have grown-up bodies but soft hearts and soft minds. Yes, it is very difficult for young adults in modern times to adjust to the needs and demands of their old or aging parents. But that doesn’t mean you throw them to old age homes or senior living residents. 

Try teaching them how you live and aim to change your lifestyle, if they are not liking your concept of living, you better adapt to their living standards for a change. When you are at home, don’t consider your nagging parents as a nuisance or someone who is against your progress. Consider them as small children who are just having mood swings of adjusting to the drastically changing world. You make a good attempt to uplift your parents’ lives and set an example, others will follow the suit.

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