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Sunshine Sundays with BuzinessBytes: Celebrate the Friend inside you every day


Friendship day is today, 7th August 2022, the first Sunday of the month of August. Friendship day is celebrated with friends to make them know how adorable and lovely they are to you. However, there is one friend that we meet every day but never acknowledge his or her efforts in whatever we do in our life. And that one friend is within us, our own heart, mind, and soul. People interchangeably use these three words when they are asked why they do a certain thing that is not that practical or calculative in life and they say because they listened to their heart or mind or soul. 

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So, when we tell our friends how much they are important to us, how meaningful our life became after they came into our life, how essential they are for us to lead our daily lives or etc, etc. we also have an important call to make to our inner self that acts as our friend when no one else is in our reach. Our inner self which comprises our consciousness, heart, mind, and soul is with us 24 hours, 365 days a year, every year. Yet, when it comes to appreciating our inner self for all the contributions that they make to improve our life, we don’t do it willingly.

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Say, if we are playing Antakshari in college or office and we don’t get the right songs to win the game, we immediately criticize our inner self for not knowing enough. If our boss tells us how poorly we are performing in our work, we immediately go to the washroom and start accusing our inner self of not having enough skills to do the work. When our loved ones don’t understand us and keep blaming us for all the mishappenings in our life, we instantly start hating our inner self for not living up to others’ expectations.

So, it is this way, that for our entire life, we keep neglecting our inner self, which actually stands for us when no one else does. It remains with us, tries to reason, and understands us when nothing else is happening right in our life. Our inner self doesn’t ask for a break or divorce us when we don’t do the right thing. In fact, our inner self bears it all and keeps walking with us every day while we keep showing it to the world.

Basically, it is our inner self that we should consider as our first and best friend. The more we appreciate and celebrate our inner self – heart, mind, and soul, the more we will be in coordination with our actual nature and not go by what others say immediately. A person who listens to his inner self and takes the decisions in his life always succeeds because it is just not his brain that is functioning but also the entire body that wants a certain thing to happen in his or her life.

So, on this friendship day, have a date with your inner self and accept your inner self as it is. If it is afraid of something, accept it. If it is brave something, accept it. Just let things be as they are and keep moving ahead. Acceptance is the key to leading a good life.

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