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Ronaldo signed Al Nasr: Record-breaking journey with Manchester United comes to an end

Ronaldo signed Al Nasr

Cristiano Ronaldo has made a new big decision after Portugal’s exit from the quarter-final stage of the FIFA World Cup and the break of his contract with Manchester United. Portugal superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has joined Saudi Arabia’s football club Al Nasr for a hefty amount, which is considered a big event for Middle East football, but it will reduce the stature of the European legend. Al Nassar has released a picture of five-time Ballon d’Or winner Ronaldo on social media, in which he is holding the team jersey.

Ronaldo had earlier signed with the club until June 2025. “This agreement will not only inspire the club to achieve good successes, but it will also inspire our league, our country, and future generations to do the best they can,” the club said. This could be the 37-year-old’s last contract of his career, for which he will get a hefty amount.

According to media reports, the Portuguese star could earn $200 million a year from the deal, making him the highest-paid player in the history of football. “

Ronaldo said in a statement that he is looking forward to experiencing the new football league in a different country. “I’m lucky to have achieved everything I could in European football and I think this is the right time to share my experience in Asia. In the FIFA World Cup 2022 held in Qatar, Portugal reached the quarter-finals but lost 0-1 to Morocco.

Portugal coach Fernando Santos did not include Ronaldo in the opening XI of the Suppur-16 and quarter-final match, although he was called onto the field as a substitute in the last part of the match. Ronaldo has previously played for top football clubs like Manchester United and Real Madrid, with whom he also won champions league titles.

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