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Pitching for Justice: Man in ‘Free Palestine’ T-shirt invades pitch at World Cup Final

Pitching for Justice: Man in 'Free Palestine' T-shirt invades pitch at World Cup Final
Pitching for Justice: Man in 'Free Palestine' T-shirt invades pitch at World Cup Final

In the ongoing ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 match played between India and Australia, a man wears the ” free Palestine t shirt”. He appeared to be trying to hug Indian team player Virat Kohli. This man wears red shorts and a white t-shirt with the message ” free Palestine” on the back and ” stop bombing palestine” on the front. He also wears the mask of Palestine colours on his face. Who was this man? Why did he invade the pitch? 

Justice for Palestinians 

As we know, the news about the October 7 attack in Gaza. The attack was made by Israel. They carry the ground and aerial assaults on Gaza. There is wide condemnation of violence caused against Palestinians, especially people who become casualties of the war between Hamas and Israel. The man, who wears the Palestine t-shirt, invades the pitch in Ahmedabad. He also carries the rainbow flag. But soon, he was caught and taken into custody by security officers. 

Who was the pitch invader 

The pitch invader who wears the Palestine t-shirt was brought by Chandkheda police station. He appears to be wearing a different t-shirt and covering his face with a mask. The man determines himself as Wayne John. He said I am from Australia. I entered the cricket field to meet Virat Kohli, a popular and top-achieving Indian player. The protest occurred because of war in Palestine, as the man said to reporters when he was taken in custody by police. 

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When the man wearing a Palestine t-shirt enters the field 

On Sunday, when the Australia vs India match was played, a man wearing a Palestine t-shirt entered the field at the time of the 14th over of the match. A face mask worn by a man resembles the Palestine flag colours, and the shirt has messages on the front and back, with “Stop bombing Palestine” and “Free Palestine”. He invaded the pitch in the mega stadium of 132,000 seats. He did it in an attempt to unfurl the Palestine flag before being taken away by security officers. 

Why the India vs Australia match halt

As this news said, the man wearing the Palestine t-shirt entered the field and tried to hug Virat Kohli. He invades the pitch and halts the match. After the police officers and security breach apprehended the invader, the match was resumed. Then, Kl Rahul and Virat Kohli tried to make a steady partnership for India after losing 2 wickets in fast succession. 

The massive Narendra Modi stadium in Ahmedabad was packed full because cricket lovers rushed into the stadium to watch the World Cup finals between India and Australia. For this match, Australia won the toss and started bowling first. 

Pitch invasion explores the holes and gaps in security

The pitch invasion news has exposed the holes gapes in security and considered that famous Indian celebrities, like Deepika Padukone and Shah Rukh Khan, and some Indian politicians, including PM Narendra Modi, were present there. When the man was taken in custody, he revealed his name as John of Australia 


During the India vs Australia World Cup finals match, the man wearing a Palestine t-shirt entered the field to meet Kohli and invaded the pitch. He does this to get justice for Palestinians.

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