When your wife makes your life a living hell

RelationshipWhen your wife makes your life a living hell


Wives can be bossy, adamant, irritating, and sometimes irrational too. Not all husbands are bestowed upon by God to have sweet and caring wives. If your life has become a living hell because your wife is not cooperating with you the way you expect, then you need to make some efforts to redevelop a cordial relationship with your wife. See, there is no point in denying the fact that you married your wife or your wife married you because of some ABC reason that is best known to you.

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Like every newspaper couple if you think divorce or separation is going to be that easy in reality, then no boss, you are mistaken. A divorce or separation of a husband and a wife not just breaks the lives of two people but the entire family. The pain that they go through only they know the best, how they handle the separation, why they had to live a divorcee’s life, and what kind of couple and individual therapies they go through just so that their lives come back on track.

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So, if your life has become hell and divorce is not in your mind, then keep some hope alive and read on. You still can win over your wife and set things right in your marital life if you both start communicating. Well, communication either in written or verbal or in silent format doesn’t mean you both keep arguing and showing each other what you deserve or don’t. Communication simply means to be real, open, honest, and transparent in all the thoughts that are arising in your mind, head or brain, and heart.

If even for a single day, you cannot live without your wife despite her ensuring that you live in pain, then your love is genuinely true because you both are inseparable. But this kind of toxic love will manifest in some sort of physical or mental illnesses and it will even lead you both to lead  

set a wrong example to your children and people in society as well. So, instead of crying in pain or arguing in agony, it is better you both seek couple’s therapy.

Share what irks you and also allow her to speak about why she has turned into a vamp from a sweet woman. Is there financial trouble that is making her speak such nasty words to you? Is there emotional insecurity that is making her think that you will anyways dump her for another woman or job? Or is there a mistake that you knowingly or unknowingly committed but are not aware of how to take things ahead in your marital life? 

Think about the answers or possible solutions and take the matters to her. Even if she resists listening to you, you need to gather the courage to make her hear you out and also give her the required freedom to do what she wants or expects from you to mend the relationship. Saying sorry or a simple thank you in your daily life to your wife won’t make you a bad person but instead, help her love and respect you even more.

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