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When your wife leaves you for taking the side of your mother


Women are not easy to manage. Well, when you talk to any woman in your life and ask them what is it that they want in life and what is it that will make them happy, you won’t get a one-line or simple answer. Their brains work in a complicated manner because they have a lot of things to manage. For example, if you think your wife just has a duty towards you, then you are mistaken. She has a duty towards her parents, towards your parents, towards your children, and even towards several relatives and friends of yours who come to her life to stay in touch.

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So, when you keep telling mumma has done this and that to her every time she comes to you for any sort of help, don’t think she will take it lightly. You may be a Mumma’s boy and there is nothing wrong with it. But when it comes to managing your relationship with your mom and your wife parallelly, don’t make the mistake ever to tell her that your mom is more important to you than your wife. This will leave her so heartbroken that she may not be the same lovely and sweet woman you met in your dating days. 

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Even if she leaves you after marriage because you just are unable to manage her needs as a wife and also take care of your mother, then none of them are wrong but the fault will come to you. It is very obvious when a woman can leave her home, her relations, and her career or passions just so that she can live in your home and manage all that you have done, are doing, and plan to do, it means she demands respect and appreciation over anything and everything else. The sooner you understand this reality, the better for you and your long-term relationship with her.

She may not tell you upfront or may be bold enough to tell you frankly that your priorities revolving around your mother should be reduced after your marriage so that you can accommodate her feelings and needs. The art of managing a wife and a mother comes with the man alone and that’s why God has given you both the relationships with two adorable and inspiring women in your life. But never tell her that your mom cooks well or has helped you always and compare your mom with your wife. 

If you have been doing so all the while, then expect one bad day to come in your life wherein your wife will give up on the relationship. Especially if you take the side of your mother who is a mother-in-law for your wife and when your mother is really wrong in her thinking process, then boss, you have broken her trust and love that motivated her to marry you. You can come to a conclusion that you are neither a good son nor a good husband if you take the side of your wife if she is wrong and go against your mother. 

It is better if you act in a mature way and try to keep both the women of your life happy – you can neither leave anyone and neither can you take any sides, please surely make a note of this! All the best in your journey!

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