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When your partner shows no interest in physical intimacy

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Physical intimacy, kissing, hugging, cuddling, sexual intercourse, etc. are some of the ways in which a couple bonds with each other at a physical and emotional level as well. If your partner has a strong reason to not get in touch with you at a physical level, then the first thing you need to do is RESPECT HIS OR HER BOUNDARY. You cannot ask for enthusiastic sex or beg for having sex with your partner if he is not interested in the same. Doing anything forcefully with verbal abuse, physical abuse, or emotional abuse can actually affect your relationship in a negative way.

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So, instead of asking for a physically intimate relationship, you can just WAIT AND WATCH. Here are some ways in which you can keep your relationship strong despite the lack of physical intimacy.

1) Don’t argue over sex:

Sexual relations are not built with just two bodies of the opposite sex coming together and sharing the same bed. Sexual relations are developed over a period of time with only mutual consent. If your partner is unwilling to start that sexual relationship with you or wants to take a break from physical intimacy, try to be empathetic and know the reasons. There can be some form of tension or stress in his or her life that he might be hiding from you. Or they are just not confident to get into such a physical relationship with you at the moment, which you need to respect completely.

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2) Have patience and don’t jump to conclusions:

If your partner doesn’t kiss or hugged you of late, don’t start calculating his moves and checking on his or her phone and social media. There is no way that your partner wants to move on from your relationship but he just wants time-off from the relationship. Instead of looking at him or her with a lot of doubts on your face, avoid being extremely negative. You can simply ask the reason for the change in his or her behavior. If the reasons are not able to satisfy your doubtful mind, please calm down. Not every couple is meant to separate and not every man or woman of the 21st century needs to have an affair with someone else. You need to come out of these wrong thoughts and live in the present moment.

3) Practice compassion and understanding towards yourself:

Unless and until you don’t love and take care of yourself well, no one is going to do it for you. Even if your partner has several reasons to stop physical intimacy with you, you can still be positive, motivated, and willing to wait for your partner to come back to regain your sex life. You can start practicing yoga, joining a gym, or taking up a meditation class so that all the worries reduce and you focus on the NOW. You don’t have to design your future with your sad mind but just wait for things to happen on their own. Maybe the way you care for yourself will inspire your partner to come back to you for a renewed sex life.

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