What to do when your partner wants to move abroad

RelationshipWhat to do when your partner wants to move abroad


Moving abroad has become one of the latest trends in recent times. Be it for work purposes of further studies or settling down, people want to leave their own countries and shift to another country for a better life. Of course, there are various challenges involved when people think of shifting their base abroad. However, one of the major reasons people want to settle abroad is having better financial stability than their own nation. If your partner is planning to move abroad for work or studies or any other purpose, here are ways you can deal with the situation.

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1) Try to understand your supporting role in it:

Your partner may have already decided to shift his base abroad after consulting several people who have done the same. If your partner is keen to first go to the foreign nation, explore the living possibilities and then call you in, then firstly know your role. Or if your partner wants you to stay back in your own home and he would be rolling over from one country to another often, then understand the situation as well. You need to get clarity from your partner on what he wants first and then only you can share your thought processes.

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2) Know what you want in life:

If your partner says that it is only his passport that he is planning to get worked on to shift his base and he wants to stay back at home to look after kids and elderly family members, then try to get answers of what is it that you want in life. Are you okay with this kind of living arrangement wherein your partner and you won’t be sharing the same roof for several months? Or are you someone who would also like to search for a job in the location where your partner works so that you both can stay together and also work together and get your kids enrolled in better schools or colleges? Think about the situation and then have clean and clear answers so that you both can discuss it with each other well.

3) Foresee your future positively:

Instead of being extremely negative wherein you tell your partner that you don’t see any future if your partner moves abroad and leaves you back here, you can be a positive support to him. You can think about the adventure that lies ahead of both of you in ensuring that you both keep your relationship alive by whatever time you both get to meet each other and live with each other. Be more practical and at the same time, acknowledge your partner’s needs as well.

4) Don’t micromanage your partner’s actions:

If your partner moves abroad, it doesn’t mean you got all the rights to fix a camera at his new home or keep calling him at regular intervals to ask him what he ate, what he is watching, where he is going, etc. Of course, there is no privacy or secrets between couples but if your partner gets irked by your frequent questions, then avoid it completely for the sake of your relationship.

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