Tips to deal with jealousy in a romantic relationship

RelationshipTips to deal with jealousy in a romantic relationship


Jealousy is natural among romantic couples. But if jealousy takes a wrong turn and affects the relationship badly, then some intervention needs to be made. If your partner has become jealous of you and is not on good talking terms with you, then here are some amazing tips to deal with jealousy in a mature way.

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1) Share your problems with your partner:

If your partner acts weirdly with you due to jealousy, make sure to share the same with her. You need to express how her odd behavior impacts you and makes you feel sad. You need to be frank with her while sharing your problems and don’t run around the bush. You can explain to her the situation and help her understand that her jealousy is not good for the relationship.

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2) Find out the root cause of jealousy:

If your partner feels jealous when you are with your friends or you keep things hidden from her, then find out what it is. You need to speak up openly and also encourage her to share which behavior of yours makes her feel insecure. Once you both speak openly and carefreely that’s when you both can find out the root cause of jealousy in your relationship.

3) Take a friend or counselor’s help:

If your partner doesn’t share things that are bothering her and also doesn’t stop her annoying behavior, then it is time to get a third person in the form of a best friend or counselor involved. You can speak to them for better clarity and how you both need to work it out to patch up and make love for each other without any negative emotions in the relationship.

4) Encourage to have a holistic perspective:

If your partner has an inferiority complex or low self-esteem, then it is time to solve the same. You can encourage your partner to look at the other person’s views as well and understand that you are nowhere having any other fling or affair. You need to help your partner know that you truly love her and there is no one else in your life whom you consider as important as your partner. Once you give your partner confidence, she will come out of her negative zone and start trusting you more.

5) Distract your partner’s life with something interesting:

There are chances that your partner has been living quite sadly because of XYZ reasons in her life. It is high time that you keep her engaged with some important goals in your life. You can start by introducing some interesting stuff in her life like roaming with you once every 15 days, preparing some special dishes for your friends or her family members, etc. Whatever it is, make sure to show more interest in your partner’s life so that she doesn’t feel neglected and develops any insecure feelings.

Last but not the least, invest your time and energy in self-care and care for your partner. 

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