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Signs to spot if your boyfriend has stalker-like tendencies

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Boyfriends are jealous and too insecure and this is a fact in every relationship. It is just the range of these two negative feelings differs from person to person. If your boyfriend is someone who keeps messaging you if you had your lunch or dinner on time or what are you up to, etc. then he is someone who needs your attention all the time. If he keeps calling you every day at a particular time to know the day’s updates, then he is someone who is very much interested in each activity that you do. 

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Here are some signs to help you know if your boyfriend has stalker-like tendencies:

1) He notes down each minute detail about what you do:

When you are with him, he follows you everywhere, except the lady’s bathroom, unfortunately. But if you get a call on your mobile when you are with him and he asks you who is it, what they told you, what they want, etc. note down that he is too involved in your matters. He notices the sandals you changed recently and didn’t inform him. He even notices if you are sad or happy and wants to know the reason as it is without any filters. He is someone who has a detailed view of your looks and asks you to get a doctor’s check-up if you have any small pimples on your face too.

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2) He notes down your online viewing:

Well, if your boyfriend calls you the next day asking what happened and why you slept at 1 AM yesterday, then understand that he is literally stalking you. He has a tab on your Last Seen on WhatsApp and he even sees how much time you are online on your social media by keeping a tab on the same. When you meet him, he wants you to keep your search history ON and know what you have searched on the internet and what you have viewed. He doesn’t like when you keep a password on your mobile and also taunts you if you changed your DP or Status without his permission or awareness.

3) He keeps a hold on your spending habits:

If you have an ATM card and have been using it of late to spend on Zomato, Amazon, and other shopping, he wants you to share with him the receipts of the past spent. Well, I know that’s too much, especially if he is not contributing anything to your bank financially and such habits only parents have to keep a check on their children’s expenses, but he doesn’t mind becoming your parent to guide you to control your expenses as well.

4) He considers you HIS (Completely):

If you tell your OCD-like or stalker boyfriend that you are attending a cousin’s wedding, he wouldn’t mind showing up at the venue as a surprise or shock. He won’t mind even asking you to video call if you are spending some nights at a friend’s place for studies. He considers YOU as his OWN PROPERTY probably and that’s why the stalker inside him wakes up whenever you distance yourself from him.

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