How to not get influenced by celeb couples

RelationshipHow to not get influenced by celeb couples


Celebrity couples are quite extroverted couples. Many couples who are stars or working in the entertainment, fashion, and theatre industry have the tendency to show their romantic life in a public space. Celebrity couples are usually found flaunting their bikini pictures on the beach on social media or holding hands together in public spaces like hotels, parks, etc. They are what they are and the majority of celebrity couples like to get clicked on by the paparazzi and seek the attention of the common people and their fans.

Why couples are okay with not tying the knot

But you are not a celebrity couple and neither are you meant to get influenced by their thinking and behavioral patterns. Here are some tips to get less influenced by your celebrity couples for your stable marital life.

1) Remember there is a difference:

When you see the Insta updates of your celebrity couple drinking coffee together in the morning and wine together at night, it doesn’t mean they are just too perfect. They pose for the camera sometimes to get paid and sometimes to show off to others on social media. It doesn’t mean that they lead a perfect married life. You might be aware that in the last two years, how many couples who looked just too perfect living their marital lives or relationships for the past 10 to 15 years got separated or divorced due to several reasons? Celebrity couples don’t share everything that goes on in their home openly, some stories are just made-up to get attention from the fans and also to maintain a reputation in society.

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2) Not every story has a happy ending:

When celebrity couples share their relationship advice or marital lives on the media in the form of interviews or social media updates, remember that they are also uncertain about their future. Not every celebrity couple’s marital life has a happy ending. Some celebrity couples really go through a lot of hardships to stay together in the same home while some celebrity couples talk highly about their partners just to be in the good books of the media and common people. So, never assume that doing things in the way that celebrity couples do can help you get the same successful results in your marital life.

3) Design your life your way:

You need not get inspired by celebrity couples and opt for expensive items for gifts or take up photoshoots just like them to give couples goals. You can simply take a stand with your partner and tell him or her how much you love without all the grand celebrations. If a celebrity couple decides to get married or go for a honeymoon in a place that is just beyond budget, then don’t get influenced negatively by them. Such celebrities earn lakhs per month and for them, endorsing villas or luxury properties also gets them paid. But the same is not your case, you have a family to look after, and just showing your romance by taking inspiration from higher-class celebrities will never give you good returns or make you the all-time hero in your better-half’s eyes. 

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