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How to manage your mental health during the breakup


Breakup is really a difficult phase in one’s life. When friends turn into enemies or we lose jobs or suffer from physical health issues, we don’t feel as bad as when we get into a relationship and then realize that it is a short-lived one. Breakup for a man or a woman is not a smooth ride. Even if the man is at fault for breaking the relationship, he may not find solace in moving on in life unless he heals the past pains. The same goes for women as well, whether the relationship was intimate or platonic or just love on the phone call with a boyfriend, for her, moving on in life is the most challenging phase.

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If you are going through a tough time as you just broke up with your boyfriend or girlfriend, follow these tips so that you don’t impact your mental health negatively.

1) It is okay to cry out but it is not okay to suppress:

You may have many feelings, good and bad memories with your partner. There are also possibilities that you have made calling him or meeting him a habit in your life that you are just unable to forgo. It is okay to cry your feelings with your friend or just alone. But never suppress your negative emotions inside because it will build up something else inside you. You will get into the mode of resentment, hatred, and revenge, which is not good for your mental and physical health.

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2) Work on your inner child’s needs:

You may have had good relationships in the past but this breakup with your current partner has caused you a traumatic experience. Your inner child wants to feel loved and affectionate but your partner cannot fulfill those emotional needs because he is no more in your life. It is better you work with a professional counselor on how treating your inner child can help you overcome your emotional problems in life.

3) Indulge in a hobby or passion of your choice:

Now as you don’t have to spend your time with your partner because of the breakup, you will get enough time to work on your creative pursuits. You can use that time to work on your hobbies and passion rather than thinking of past memories with your partner. As you keep yourself engaged in your favorite work, your pain will heal and you will feel much better over a period of time.

4) Write your thoughts in a journal:

Whether you want to date another person or get into a relationship with a trusted friend or you want to stay single – all these are going to be your life decisions. They shouldn’t bother you much and if they are troubling your mind by popping irrelevant questions again and again, then it is better for you to write your thoughts every day in a journal. You will get clarity in thinking once you express all your random thoughts and join the dots to create a good journey.

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