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How to express your desire to live-in together

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Living in together or moving in together is that stage of your relationship when you both cannot take it easy and want to make things official. Marriage is the step taken mostly in traditional societies where a man and a woman cannot live-in together without doing religious customs or traditions. However, in modern times, couples are not believing in the olden institution of marriage, and are willing to live with their boyfriend or girlfriend in the same or separate houseHere are some ways how you can share your desire with your partner about living in together.

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1) Express your true feelings about the relationship:

Many times couples avoid sharing how they really feel about their future relationship. They tend to act as couples in the initial stage and then become best friends who are there for every single event in each other’s life – be it big or small. This makes the couple wonder if they have a future together as a serious couple or if they would remain just friends. Instead of making your partner feel insecure about the future of your romantic relationship, just express your real feelings of romance and togetherness to your partner. Tell him or her how difficult it has become to live in different homes and spend less time with each other. Instead, you wish to wake up with your partner in the morning in the same bed and also see her or him throughout the day doing their chores when they are at home, taking important decisions together, and also figuring out how to spend the rest of their lives.

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2) Tell her how to convince each other’s parents and society in general:

If living-in together before marriage is something that she or your parents won’t accept easily, then share with your partner how you plan to convince them. You need to give your parents a timeline of why you prefer moving together and living in the same household and when is the ideal time for your marriage. Ensure that neither of your parents should consider you as “not-so-serious” to settle down in a meaningful relationship. You should be respected for your decision of living in together and there should be no doubts or mixed feelings from your parents’ side.

3) Be romantic and practical at the same time:

Being romantic and expressing your love emotions to your partner shouldn’t make you look like you are less practical. If there are rules and conditions that you want to impose on yourself and your partner, then be clear about it before you both pack your bags and start living in together. You can be upfront about the reasons why marriage is not in your cards for the next few years and how you both will be dealing with the matter if there is an unplanned pregnancy. Make sure that your partner should have realistic expectations from you and that’s why if you are a financial freak, then be open about the same as well.

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