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How to effectively deal with couple stress

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Stress has become quite common in today’s generation. If there is any mistake or argument that happens between the couple, they immediately call their Ma and Pa and relatives to get involved. If they don’t turn toward their family members, then they involve their friends to keep complaining and bitching about how their spouse or partner is treating them. This leads to increased stress among the couple, thus making them contemplate divorce or separation.

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Stress can be reduced only after finding out what factors that add to the relationship stress. If you sit at home and keep blaming your partner for not fulfilling your needs and demands of family life, then you are doing wrong to your partner. Similarly, if your partner keeps expecting unrealistic things from you and asks you to give you gifts or materialistic wealth or perform certain things that are beyond your expectations, then that is also not correct.

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Whatever the reason, if your relationship is going through a stressful phase, then you need an expert to advise. Whatever suggestions your family members or relatives are giving you are not advised because they are not experts in this field. They are only sharing their experiences and perspectives that can be limited and if followed blindly can also lead to a failed marital life. 

The first thing for you to do while dealing with relationship stress as a couple is to talk and share. There are many things that are hidden in the subconscious mind that go unnoticed by you and you unknowingly may have even harmed your partner by asking him to do certain things that he is not interested in. For example, if your man is not interested in household chores and you are unable to manage them all alone, you might have accused him in subtle or aggressive ways of being lazy and heartless for not understanding your problems.

Same way, if your wife had wanted to take up that job that she had been dreaming to have in her career, and you didn’t agree due to several reasons, you have indirectly added more problems in her life by hurting her or breaking her dreams. So in a way, you both have treated each other in the wrong way which has led to stress-related problems in your marital life. 

In order to come out of this extremely negative phase, where your vision is just clouded with bad memories and hurtful talks, you can take steps towards creating a new beginning by doing something different. Adapt to life’s changes and challenges wholeheartedly and see the difference. Probably you can get a tour of your favorite places for you both as a couple. You both can talk to each other and figure out how you both can support each other in fulfilling your dreams as an individual and as a couple.

You can even find out what kind of behavior makes your partner stressed out and try to eliminate those actions from your life so that the journey of your marital life is smooth and going strong.

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