Oyo hotels and homes in Patna promote entrepreneurship

Press ReleaseOyo hotels and homes in Patna promote entrepreneurship


From humbling beginnings to now running a full-fledged business, Abhishek Kumar has come a long way. After finishing his BTech in Mechanical Engineering in the year 2011 Abhishek took up the role of a software engineer in a company in Noida. An unforeseen family emergency saw him shifting back to Patna where he then settled for good to explore his options in his hometown. In hindsight, this decision to make it big in Patna ended up being a very positive one for Abhishek and helped him achieve his entrepreneurial dreams of running a successful hotel in the city.

Abhishek Kumar who is the owner of OYO 48553 Awadh Fort on his experience of running a hotel says, “I was on the lookout for running a business of my own which would bring good returns to my investments. We had a vacant property that I inherited from my mother, hence thought of utilising it through a dependable brand and renovated it in 2017. We then got in touch with the OYO team upgraded the hotel according to the set guidelines shared by OYO including branding, clean linen, Wifi, AC, TV etc.  The support I have received from the team has been amazing in terms of turnaround time and business. Since OYO and I are together in this, I feel I have a responsibility in ensuring the upkeep of this property. Hence, I make sure I  visit my hotel every day to ensure all systems are in place so that the customer gets the best possible service. Our hotel has 9 rooms including deluxe rooms that are around 300 sq ft and quite spacious. We also have three in-house kitchens so we make sure to serve good quality food to each and every guest who stays with us. My relationship with OYO has helped me and my hotel see some great results so far and I am sure it will continue to be the same in the years to come”

A rich confluence of cultural diversity and golden past, Patna is one of those cities that is seeped in culture, tradition and rich heritage. Utilizing the potential of curating quality stays for tourists who come to visit cities like Patna for business or leisure, OYO Hotels & Homes brings a successful proposition of combining design, hospitality, and technological expertise, financial acumen and operational capabilities to real estate owners. The hospitality chain has been empowering asset owners and enabling them in setting up their own businesses. Bridging the gap between demand and supply, OYO has revolutionized the fragmented and legacy-driven budget hospitality space by empowering such passionate asset owners across the globe. In addition to this, the brand also offers financial support by overhauling the property, extending additional amenities like equipping the hotel with modern amenities like LED televisions, AC, Wi-Fi, CCTV, Dish TV, quality linen, etc.

In view of laying the foundations of a structured way of exchanging ideas, providing support and building relationship with its asset owners the company also launched the OYO Partner Engagement Network (OPEN). The OPEN is a year-long programme dedicated towards asset owners and franchisee partners that was launched with 6 core promises. It further introduced an upgraded Co-OYO app for asset owners that provides complete visibility on all business; customer metrics. OYO also has a partner loyalty program Club Red wherein they reward thousands of owners for their commitment to offering the best hospitality experience.

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