Mukul Agrawal sets Guinness World Record for the largest Financial investment conclave attended by 1806 people

Press ReleaseMukul Agrawal sets Guinness World Record for the largest Financial investment conclave...


Lucknow: Mukul Agrawal, founder of Finowings and YouTuber, has entered the Guinness World Record for organizing the largest-ever Financial investment lesson titled ‘Financial Freedom Conclave’ attended by 1,806 people from across the country in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh in December.

The Financial Freedom Conclave was attended by some of the country’s leading financial influencers such as Anant Ladha, Pushkar Raj Thakur, Arvind Arora, Chaiwala Vivek Billore, English Connection, RIGI, Alice blue, Delta Exchange, and Abhishek Kar to name a few. The financial influencers shared their journey, experiences, and success secret at the conclave.

About 1806 people who attended the Financial Freedom Conclave learned how to be financially literate, how to be financially independent, how to be a full-time trader, how to generate regular income through option strategy, understand the secret of investing, and many more.

Mukul Agrawal has spent 18 years studying the stock market and has a loyal community of 1.28 million people on his YouTube channel. Agrawal has participated in TEDx, Josh Talks, SRCc, and Business Conclave 2022.

Mukul Agrawal, founder of Agrawal Corporate and Finowings Training Academy said, “I am working with the mission to educate thousands of people in the stock market. I owe the Guinness World Record to my followers who have become financially independent”

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