Chef Sanjeev Kapoor Unveils Culinary Secrets with Indore’s Food Enthusiasts

Press ReleaseChef Sanjeev Kapoor Unveils Culinary Secrets with Indore's Food Enthusiasts


Indore: 7th October, 2023: Celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor treated Indore’s food lovers to a culinary extravaganza on Saturday, October 7th, 2023, sharing invaluable tips and techniques for cooking delicious and healthy meals at an event “LEARN FROM CHEF” organised by Wonderchef.

Over 500 avid foodies, home chefs, and homemakers passionate about cooking were present at The Park Hotel, Indore, to witness the culinary wizardry of Chef Sanjeev Kapoor. He took center stage and captivated the audience with his culinary expertise, sharing valuable tips and techniques for preparing healthy and delicious dishes. He also emphasized the importance of using fresh ingredients and smart cooking methods.

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor

Chef Kapoor prepared a variety of healthy and delicious millet dishes including SAFFRON PUMPKIN BAJRA RISOTTO and SAMO BHAPA DOI.

Following Chef Sanjeev Kapoor’s session, Mr. Ravi Saxena, MD, Wonderchef, shed light on the need for smart appliances in today’s kitchens, emphasizing how these appliances can revolutionize cooking by making it more efficient and enjoyable. He also provided insights into the latest kitchen technologies and how they can contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor

The event created an atmosphere of excitement and learning, with attendees actively engaging in the sessions, asking questions, and gaining valuable insights from the experts. The day was not only about culinary education but also about fostering a community of passionate home cooks and food enthusiasts in Indore.

“Learn from Chef” and the masterclass on smart kitchen appliances by Wonderchef left attendees inspired and motivated to explore healthier cooking practices and to invest in cutting-edge kitchen technology.

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