Updates on Bihar politics: BJP and Congress to meet with MPs & MLAs

PoliticsUpdates on Bihar politics: BJP and Congress to meet with MPs &...


If Nitish Kumar follows through on the rumored switch, it would be his second this term and his fourth in the last ten years. Amidst speculations that he would be joining the BJP-led NDA alliance, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has caused yet another round of political unrest in the state. This is his second move this term and his fourth in the last ten years. According to multiple media reports, Kumar-led Janata Dal (United) may be sworn in as the chief minister of Bihar once more by leaving the ruling coalition with its ally Rashtriya Janata Dal and joining the BJP-led NDA.

All the parties gathered their legislators and convened meetings over the weekend as the division within the current Bihar government widened. Samarat Choudhary, the state president of the BJP, departed for Delhi to meet the party’s upper echelon to discuss the latest developments. The following are the main points regarding the latest political development in Bihar:

There is a rift in the current JDU-RJD, according to multiple media reports, and Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar may soon join the BJP-led NDA to form a new government in the state.

The JDU and RJD held separate meetings on Thursday night, adding fuel to the rumors. Former deputy chief minister of Bihar, Sushil Modi, made a comment during one of the meetings saying Nitish Kumar was never out of the BJP. 

The chief minister of Bihar has recently voiced his dissatisfaction with the INDIA bloc, citing his lack of promotion to the alliance’s top leadership despite his extensive political background.

After RJD supremo Lalu Yadav’s daughter Rohini Acharya made a statement about Kumar, claiming that he is shifting his point of view as the wind changes its direction on an X post, there were many rumors of a rift between the parties and JDU. There are indications that Nitish is not at ease with RJD. 

Nitish Kumar, chief minister of Bihar, Upendra Kushwaha, has cultivated an image in which people are constantly speculating about which cooperation he will be joining and when. But the indication is that Nitish is not at all at ease with RJD.

BJP MLA Tarkishore Parsad discussed the state of politics in Bihar today:” A few Bihar BJP leaders were called for a meeting yesterday, and a discussion on Lok Sabha elections was held.” The BJP makes decisions that will benefit both the country and Bihar’s development. Doors in politics never close.

Amit Shah attends the Bihar BJP meeting amidst rumors of a Nitish Kumar alliance. A separate meeting has been called by the Congress, BJP and RJD to discuss the possible political crisis in Bihar. Meanwhile, Amit Shah, the union’s home minister, showed up at the BJP Central Office Extension to attend a meeting about Bihar, according to reports.

The number of votes in the Bihar assembly have once again become more important as doubts about Nitish Kumar’s potential return to the BJP-led NDA cast a shadow over the coalition government’s future in the state.

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