The PM called the incident of mocking regrettable: Jagdeep Dhankar

PoliticsThe PM called the incident of mocking regrettable: Jagdeep Dhankar


On Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called Vice President Jagdeep Dhankar and conveyed his displeasure with certain Members of Parliament’s (MPs) actions within the Parliament complex. This transpired just one day after Trinmool Congress leader Kalyan Banerjee mockingly imitated Dhankar at the opposition’s Tuesday demonstration on the steps of Parliament.

The BJP-led government harshly condemned the MP’s protests against their suspension. The Vice President spoke to X and said, I got a call from Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi  Ji.” He was extremely hurt by some of the honorable MP’s egregious theatrics from yesterday, especially when it happened in the hallowed Parliament building.

Dhankar wrote on X, “He told me that he has been the target of such insults for twenty years and counting, but it was seriously unfortunate that it could happen to a constitutional office like the Vice President and that too in the Parliament.

The Vice President responded by telling the Prime Minister that he would not be deterred from carrying out his duties by such incidents.

I told him, “Mr. Prime Minister, I will continue to carry out my duties and uphold the values outlined in our constituency despite the actions of a few.” I sincerely pledge my allegiance to those ideals. Dhankar declared, “I won’t change my path because of any insults.”

President Droupadi Murmu later expressed her dismay at the way our esteemed Vice President was treated with contempt in the Parliament complex in an X post.

The President wrote that while elected officials should be allowed to express themselves freely, they should do so within the bounds of decency and civility. Rahul Gandhi, the leader of the Congress, was seen filming his video while Banrjee imitated Dhankar.

Subsequently, Dhankar expressed his pain in the Rajya Sabha, claiming that he was personally harmed by the attacks on his Jat and farmer backgrounds.

The mimicry, which Congress MP Rahul Gandhi recorded, according to Dhankhar on Tuesday, “ravaged” the Rajya Sabha chairman’s office and was an insult to him personally.

I had suffered, he said. Mr. Chidambaram, a video that your party posted to Instagram was later taken down. To me, that was unfortunate. You have denigrated and insulted me, my background as a farmer, my status as a Jat, and my position as a chairman using the spokesperson’s official Twitter account (now X). These are serious issues.

 Mr. Dhankhar reassured the Prime Minister  Narendra Modi that such incidents would not stop him from carrying out his responsibilities, despite the personal insult. “Mr. Prime Minister, the antics of a few won’t stop me from performing my duty and upholding the principles enshrined in our Constitution, “he declared, reiterating his commitment to upholding the Constitution’s tenets. I sincerely pledge my allegiance to those ideals. All of the insults won’t cause me to veer from my course.

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