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Rs 5 Crore Cash Seized from Hyderabad Car Ahead of Telangana Assembly Polls

Rs 5 Crore Cash Seized from Hyderabad Car Ahead of Telangana Assembly Polls
Rs 5 Crore Cash Seized from Hyderabad Car Ahead of Telangana Assembly Polls

On Thursday, the Hyderabad police seized Rs 5 crore cash from a car when vehicle checking was performed in the Gachibowli area. Seven people who transported 5 crore cash in two cars were detained. According to the news agency, this cash amount was handed over to income tax department officials for investigation. In a different incident, the Rs 2 crore cash was seized from a car on Thursday by Hayatnagar police of Hyderabad. 

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Rs 5 crore cash seized by Gachibowli police 

On Thursday, Gachibowli police seized Rs 5 crore cash from a car during the assembly polls in Telangana. The police recovered a large amount of cash in Rangareddy. The police officers handed the cash to the IT department to take strict action against it. 

Strict investigation by police during Telangana Assembly polls

The police tightened the investigation in Telangana state because of the assembly polls. The model code of conduct occurred on October 9, and since then, police have continued vehicle checking. As per the ECI Model code (Election Commission of India ) for assembly polls, transporting cash is a punishable offense. It is not considered under legal activities. 

The ECI of assembly elections in 5 states mentioned that “ all candidates and parties must avoid all activities that are corrupt practices and offenses in election law, like intimidation of voters, bribing of voters, impersonation of voters, canvassing within 100 meters of poll stations, and hold meetings in public during 48 hours period ending with hour fixed for the close of poll, and conveyance and transport of voters from and to the polling station. 

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Drugs, coins, liquor worth Rs 1,760 crore seized in poll-going states

On Monday, the Election Commission said over Rs 1,760 crore worth of freebies, tablets, cash, liquor, and precious metals geared toward inducing electorate in 5 poll-going states were seized. The poll panel stated the seizures made because polls introduced on October 9 are over 7 instances (Rs 239.15 crore) of the seizures made inside the preceding assembly elections in those states in 2018.

While meeting polls have already been held in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and Mizoram, voting will occur in Rajasthan and Telangana on November 25 and November 30, respectively. According to an EC, seizures worth over Rs 1,400 crore were made in the past six kingdom assembly elections held in Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Tripura, and Karnataka, which was 11 instances of the seizures made in previous meeting elections in these states.

What the police investigates 

The police intercepted a Maruthi Brezza automobile in the Botanical Garden on Masjid Banda Street near Chirec International School and located Rs five crores cash in luggage. The police arrested 3 individuals: Dugyala Santhosh Rao, Mutyala Naresh, and Cheeti Sampath Rao, who were businessmen who had been transporting the cash without proper files.

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With just a week to go for the Assembly elections in Telangana, the police started checking vehicles throughout the country to prevent any unlawful activities, liquor, or different objects that might be used as inducements for the electorate. Since the election code of conduct came into force, the police seized the 5 crore cash in a car in Hyderabad.

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