Powerstar Pawan Kalyan Joins Telangana Poll: Will His Presence Propel BJP to come into power?

PoliticsPowerstar Pawan Kalyan Joins Telangana Poll: Will His Presence Propel BJP to...


From current reports, it is clear that Jana Sena will contest the Telangana polls on 30 November with the BJP alliance. The Jana Sena started negotiations to put out of a list of 32 seats where candidates need to field. Even the final number of poll seats is not finalized yet, but surely, politician Pawan Kalian will join it. The number ranges between 6 and 9; the party must test its political strength in Telangana. 

Why BJP wants to enlist Jana Sena in Telangana

The question arises here is why the BJP wants to enlist Jana Sena in Telangana. Because it is a political party with a presence in Telangana and an interest in Andhra Pradesh. When the Jana Sena party comes to Andhra Pradesh, the Telugu Desam takes part in the contest in Telangana. The fact here is that the classic wheels in political strategy play a role. The presence of power Pawan Kalyan in the political landscape of Telangana not only appears in the story but also entwines the hostile politics of the neighboring state. 

How did the BJP’s rank in Telangana drop? 

The political acceptability of BJP rank in Telangana has dropped compared to the pre-election phase of Karnataka. As a large number of leaders are taking part in Telangana polls, the fact is that it appears as a distant 3rd behind Congress and BRS. Thus, one strategy phase is to shore the fortune in a political party whose major population is from Andhra Pradesh. These eras mainly belong to the Nalgonda, Hyderabad, and Khammam districts. 

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Phases of Telangana Polls 

  • During 1st step, Pawan Kalian needed to ensure that Union Home Minister Amit Shah met with Lokesh in Delhi when Naidu was in Rajahmundry Jail. 
  • At that time, Lokesh hoped that meeting optics with Shah would affect the political area. In this, the real purpose of the BJP is to send a message to TDP supporters in Telangana 
  • It insists they know it plays no role in Naidu’s case and his arrest.
  • In the Telangana polls, Shah hopes to get a grant of a sympathetic ear to Lokesh that pushes BJP to the Kamma community and get support for elections on 30 November. 
  • During 2nd step, the Jana Sena needs to fight against the Telangana election as a partner of NDA and make the Pawan Kalyan become a campaign for NDA.

It was 1st meeting when Pawan Kalyan shared the stage with PM Modi on 7 November in Hyderabad. It not only helps the BJP to gain a fan base but also makes it tough for Kalyan to have a relationship with the BJP for five months. After that, the BJP party continued to try to make a political relationship with Pawan Kalyan. 

Will Pawan Kalyan’s presence help the BJP to come into power?

The presence of Pawan Kalyan as a popular actor and youth icon will surely help the BJP to come into power. Secondly, the Munnury Kapu is the main segment among OBC vote telangana, so pawan kalyan presence on the NDA campaign stage is used by BJP to get community vote. In this way, we can see that Pawan Kalyan helps the BJP to get maximum votes and come into power. And when the BJP says that if they come into power in Telangana, then the state will see the chief minister of Backward classes. 


As the pawan kalyan is popular among youth, his entry into the BJP helps them to come into power. He helps the party to get most of the votes of the community and make their party strong

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