Who are the kingpins of “donkey” flights back from France?

NewsWho are the kingpins of “donkey” flights back from France?


The Airbus A340, which was carrying 276 passengers on its way to Nicaragua, was grounded in France for four days due to possible human trafficking.  In an effort to identify a possible network of illegal immigrants operating out of the state, the Gujarat Police have reportedly questioned at least 20 Gujarati passengers who were on the airplane heading for Nicaragua and were forced to return from France midway. This information was reported by the news agency.

The Airbus A340m carrying passengers was grounded in France for four days. It arrived in Mumbai early on December 26. According to a top state Crime Investigation Department (CID) official who spoke with the media, at least 60 of the passengers were from Gujarat and had already returned to their individual home states. The government questioned them to see if they intended to enter the United States of America illegally after traveling to Latin America.

The French sent them back. There was a suggestion that they had planned to enter the US illegally after landing in Nicaragua. We are digging into the specifics to find out who were the agents behind their travel; the report reported SP Rajkumar, additional director general of police, CID-Crime, and Railway, as saying. Of the sixty who went back to Gujarat, the police claimed that the agency had already interrogated about twenty of them.

We are examining their documentation to see if they traveled to Central America with falsified or real documents. The senior IPS officer stated, “We will also examine their financial transactions because, ideally, they shouldn’t have paid more if they were going there as regular tourists and not with any other intentions.” We are starting to ask questions, but nobody is revealing any information. They say they were tourists when they visited. The officer stated, “We are looking into the matter from every angle.”

Sanjay Kharat, superintendent of police, CID (Crime), announced on Tuesday that four teams had been created by the CID to look into the matter. The CID (Crime) wishes to prosecute agents who gave the victims false hope in order to enter the US and other countries illegally. He had informed reporters, “We have false hope in order to enter the US and other nations (illegally). He had informed reporters, “We have formed four teams that will get information from the victims regarding promises made to them by these agents.” The Airbus A340 was stopped last week for anonymous reasons at Vatry airport, east of Paris, and was subsequently taken into custody. Following an anonymous tip that it was carrying possible human trafficking victims, it was stopped after it arrived from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, and the majority of the 303 people on board were flown back to India. Sanjay Kharat stated, “We would like to know how these people got in touch with the agents, or if the agents got in touch with them, and what their plan was once they got to Nicaragua.

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