Shivani Singh, 22: Defying Odds to Become a Pilot on Namo Bharat Train

NewsShivani Singh, 22: Defying Odds to Become a Pilot on Namo Bharat...


Shivani Singh’s journey from a financial crisis in her family to becoming one of the first women pilots of India’s semi-high-pace train, Namo Bharat, is a story of resilience and resolution. Losing her father at 12 and dealing with economic hardships, Shivani turned her sewing interest into an economically useful resource, supporting her education and securing a position that could see her piloting the groundbreaking Namo Bharat trains at the Delhi-Meerut Regional Rapid Transit System (RRTS) hall. 

Her story not only highlights her success but also shines a light on the improvements in India’s transport zone, which were spearheaded by the creation of the RRTS.

Who is Shivani Singh 

Shivani Singh, 22, one of the pilots of the Namo Bharat, India’s first semi-high-speed train machine, has shared the story of her humble beginning to get the activity. Shivani’s father died whilst she was just 12, and the family of six had to face difficult instances. 

Early life of Shivani Singh

Amid economic hardships in her family after her father’s death, she used her stitching abilities to assist her schooling, reported The Times of India. The sewing story helped Shivani fund a diploma direction in electrical engineering at Bhagwati Institute of Technology and Science in Dasna.

“I had started stitching out of boredom. Eventually, it helped me make a contribution to my family’s profits. My elder brother support me in my education, but now it is time, when I need to make my decision on my responsibility. I enrolled for the 2-year diploma course in electrical engineering and completed it with the money I had saved,” according to reports.

Shivani Singh as pilot of Namo Bharat Trains 

Shivani decided to hire on-campus when a government company came seeking candidates who might drive trains on the Regional Rapid Transit System (RRTS) between Delhi and Meerut. The first section of Delhi-Ghaziabad-Meerut trains of the RRTS corridor was inaugurated through PM Modi in 2023, and the full unveiling is set to take place in 2025. Shivani is piloting the Namo Bharat trains through the priority segment after numerous months of education

She recalls the day when the primary segment of the RRTS hall was inaugurated. She was deployed at Namo Bharat train along with her friend.

“We were wearing our uniforms- blue fits and a purple cap- which made us experience like airline pilots. It nonetheless gives me the goosebumps… The sight of the PM waving the flag and a crowd cheering,” Shivani was quoted as announcing by reports 


National Capital Region Transport corporation trains the Shivani under the batch of other womens. The batch of ladies pilots learnt the way to function cutting-edge trains in the course of their venture to Lucknow Metro for the first 3 months.

Shivani has shared that sensible and theoretical instructions have been provided at Duhai depot for the last 9 months, and they have become well-versed in the operation of fast rail trains. She explained that they were first trained on simulators and, later, on real trains.

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