Rift widens between Pakistan and Afghan Taliban after Pak airstrike

rift widens between Taliban and Pakistan after air strike

NewDelhi: Tension is increasing between Pakistan and the Taliban regime of Afghanistan. There are many disputes including the border (Durand Line) between the two countries. The Pakistani army has carried out airstrikes on the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) bases in Afghanistan. The Taliban regime in Afghanistan has now threatened to respond.

Afghanistan's Defense Minister Mullah Mohammad Yacob said on Monday – that Pakistan's airstrikes will be given a befitting reply. Attacks from neighbors will not be tolerated at any cost.

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According to media reports, Pakistan carried out an airstrike on 16 April in Khost and Kunar provinces of eastern Afghanistan. More than 40 people were killed. These include women and children as well. After this, the Pakistani army also opened fire on the Durand Line. The Taliban responded.

Afghanistan's acting Defense Minister Mullah Yacob said – We cannot tolerate the attack.

Mullah Yakub, son of Taliban chief Mullah Omar, said – We are facing challenges from the world and neighboring countries. The Kunar attack is proof of this. We were silent till now because we had to look after our national interest, but now this will not be tolerated.

Pakistan's reaction to Yakub's statement

On Yakub's statement, the spokesperson of Pakistan's Foreign Ministry said- Pakistan wants to maintain long-term relations with Afghanistan for peace in both the countries. There was a brotherly relationship between the two countries. Both governments and people see terrorism as a serious threat and have been a victim of it for a long time. Therefore it is necessary that both the countries resolve the dispute through dialogue. We are ready to cooperate for this.

The Taliban had earlier given a stern warning to Pakistan about air strikes. Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid had said – The government of Afghanistan demands from Pakistan not to test Afghanistan's patience in such cases. If such a mistake happens again, it will have dire consequences. The problems between the two countries should be resolved through political means.

TTP had broken ceasefire

In November last year, the government of Pakistan and Tehreek-e-Taliban (TTP) Pakistan declared a one-month ceasefire. There was also talk of releasing the jailed TTP fighters on behalf of the Pak government. However, when the Imran government did not fulfill its promise, the TTP unilaterally broke the ceasefire and started attacks on Pakistan. Imran is no longer in power.

Situation on the border serious

The Taliban administration had summoned Pakistan's ambassador to register a protest against the air strikes. At the same time, local people say that more than 36 people from Afghanistan were killed in the Pakistani attack. The United Nations Children's Organization had said that 20 children were killed in the attack by the Pakistani army.

Even before the arrival of the Taliban, the governments of Afghanistan had clearly stated that they were not ready to accept the Durand Line.

Actually, Pakistan has said on many occasions that it considers the Durand Line as the real borderline between the two countries, but no government of Afghanistan has recognized the Durand Line so far. Due to this, there has been a standoff between the Taliban and Pakistan many times and the situation on the border is tense.

Afghanistan's tilt toward India is also disturbing Pakistan Army

After the Taliban occupation in Afghanistan, there has been a starvation-like situation due to no money. But India extended the help by sending wheat and medicines to Afghanistan as human help via Pakistan. The Indian government has recently sent 50,000 tonnes of wheat to Afghanistan. Apart from this, more than 500 projects were completed with the help of India to change the socio-economic condition in Afghanistan.

Pakistan has never liked the Taliban to keep in touch with India under any circumstances-, because if this happens then Pakistan's role in Afghanistan will be greatly weakened. This is the reason that now Pakistan's relations with Afghanistan are deteriorating.

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