Ram Lalla idol was carried into the temple’s inner chamber and will be installed today

NewsRam Lalla idol was carried into the temple’s inner chamber and will...


Chairperson of Shri Ram Mandir Construction Committee Nirpendra Mishra stated that the idol of Ram Lalla was brought into the sanctum sanctorum of the Ram temple in Ayodhya on Wednesday evening and is expected to be installed on Thursday. A truck was used to sanctum sanctorum. According to Mishra, the idol will probably be placed in the sanctum sanctorum on Tuesday. The idol, which weighed between 150 and 200 kg and was carved in black stone by Mysore sculptor Arun Yogiraj, was hoisted from the truck that arrived at the temple during an evening procession.

Ceremony in progress

At Ram Temple, preparations are underway for the consecration ceremony scheduled for January 22. There was a Kalash Pujan earlier on Wednesday. According to Ram Temple Trust officials, the rituals will continue until January 21. On January 22, the day of consecration, the minimum essential rituals required for the Pran Parthishta of the Ram Lalla will be performed. 121 acharyas are carrying out the ceremonies. Pran Partishta will start at 12:20 p.m. and end at 1 p.m.

With only five days remaining, a series of rites led by Anil Mishra and his wife Usha, members of the Ram Janmabhoomi Theertha Kshetra Trust, kicked off the countdown to the January 22 Rm Mandir consecration ceremony in Ayodhya. The final stage of these rites will be the consecration, or Pran Pratishtha, of the Ram Lalla Idol at the newly constructed Ayodhya temple. Anil Mishra and his wife, Usha Mishra, are the Yajman at the rituals, including the opening performed on the days of final consecration. The person in whose honor the prayers are offered during a puja is known as the Yajman, who serves as the principal host.

After that, he carried out the roughly eight-hour-long Prashchita, Sankalp, and Karmukti puja at the location where the creator of sculpture, Arun Yogiraj, had created the Ram Lalla idol chosen for the temple’s sanctum sanctorum. After the 8,000 guests that are anticipated to attend the consecration ritual, PM Modi is expected to give a speech. However, only a select few of them will be permitted entry into the temple’s sanctum sanctorum. According to the trust, at least three of the seven adivasis in the Prana Pratishtha are currently in practice. The anusthan is being conducted by 121 acharyas, with Ganeshwar Shastri Dravid supervising, arranging, and guiding every step of the way. 

Rituals such as asteerath poojan, Jal Yatra, and gandhadhivas will occur during the course of the following week. According to temple trust general secretary Champat Rai, the Ram temple’s pran patishta will start at 12:20 p.m. on January 22 and should conclude by 1 p.m., according to old reporters on Monday. The schedule published by the Trust states that the idol’s parisar Parvesh will be finished on January 17, followed by teerath poojanm, jal yatra, and gandhdhivas on January 18, and aushadhadhivas, kesesaradhivas, ghritadhivas, and dhanyadhivas on January 19.


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