PM Modi: Lord Ram Is A Symbol Of Good Governance

NewsPM Modi: Lord Ram Is A Symbol Of Good Governance


On Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is now in Andhra Pradesh, made a statement praising the nation’s devotion to Lord Ram as they prepared to open the Ram Temple in the holy city of Ayodhya. “Ramayana is being read all around the country at the moment. Lord Rama, his life, and the inspiration he offered are engulfed in an abyss of faith and devotion for which no sufficient words exist. While touring Andhra Pradesh, Prime Minister Narendra Modi made the statement that Rama’s ideals of self-control and leadership can inspire individuals and groups.

A New Approach to Taxation Inspired by Lord Ram

After considering Ram Rajya’s suggestions, Prime Minister Modi stressed the need of tax systems that mimic natural processes, such as precipitation replenishing soil. He said that the Indian tax system has been more user-friendly and advantageous for taxpayers since reforms were made to it a decade ago. We revamped the previous tax system in the past decade because it was confusing and hard for the ordinary individual to understand. The lack of direction has an effect on honest taxpayers and companies. We introduced a cutting-edge tax system called GST. The income tax system was also made simpler by the administration. 

Proper Record-Keeping for Tax Payments

The government’s record-breaking tax collections may be attributed to these efforts. The income tax exemption maximum was raised from 2 lakhs to 7 lakhs, allowing people to save around 2.5 lakh crore.

Prime Minister Modi expressed gratitude to the diligent taxpayers and stressed that their funds are being used for the nation’s development. According to him, this embodies the fundamental principles of Ram Rajya, a morally idealistic political system. Increases in the number of regular taxes paid demonstrate a growing and responsible community. With these funds, we can improve people’s lives in general.

Eliminating corrupt officials and bringing them to justice was our government’s top objective. During our nine years in office, almost 25 crore individuals were able to escape poverty, according to Niti Aayog. A staggering 25 crore people were lifted out of poverty in a span of nine years in a nation where the phrase ‘Garibi Hatao’ was widely used for many years. “It is truly historic,” the prime minister said, continuing his unrelenting attack on the Congress party.

Prime Minister Modi expressed his thanks for the chance to attend the Ayodhya temple during this auspicious era and participate in an 11-day special ritual in his comments right before the Pran Pratishtha ceremony for Ramlala on January 22.

Prime Minister Modi then spoke about NACIN, stressing how crucial it is to modernize the trade and commerce climate in India. To establish India as a major participant in global trade, he emphasized the importance of making the country more business-friendly via simplifying customs, taxes, and drug processes.

He centered his analysis of the recent tax reforms in India on the Goods and Services Tax (GST), which simplified an otherwise complex system and made it stand out. The prime minister advocated for funding social welfare programs with tax dollars, pointing to the benefits of anonymous assessments and the subsequent increase in tax collections.

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