India's sugar exports grow by 291% since FY 14, to touch $4.6 billion

sugar exports grow by 291 percent

New Delhi: India exported its sugar to almost 121 countries of the world and its sugar exports touched $4.6 billion (about Rs 35,000 crore) in 2021-22 and witnessed a steep growth of  291% from $1.17 billion (about Rs 9,000 crore) in 2013-14, said the commerce ministry on Monday.

Sugar export jumped 65% in 2021-22 corresponding to last year. This phenomenal growth was achieved despite logistical challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic in the form of high freight rates, container shortages, etc.

According to the DGCI&S data, India had exported sugar worth of USD 1965 million in 2019-20, which increased to USD 2790 million in 2020-21 and USD 4600 million in 2021-22.

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Meanwhile, in 2021-22 (April-February), India exported sugar worth of USD 769 million to Indonesia, followed by Bangladesh (USD 561 million), Sudan (USD 530 million) and U.A.E (USD 270 million). The country has also exported Indian sugar to Somalia, Saudi Arab, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Nepal, China, etc. Indian sweetener has also been imported by USA, Singapore, Oman, Qatar, Turkey, Iran, Syria, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Germany, France, New Zealand, Denmark, Israel, Russia, Egypt, etc.

India is the world’s second-largest sugar producer after Brazil. States like Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Karnataka which account for nearly 80 percent of the total sugar production of the country had played a significant role in the sugar export. India has been consistently producing surplus sugar since 2010-11, after comfortably meeting the domestic demand.

The sugarcane crop is cyclical but the record exports would enable the sugar industry to reduce its stocks which would likely to benefit the sugarcane farmers,- since the increased import demand for Indian sugar is likely to improve their income.

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