Himachal Pradesh has eliminated MLA for Congress attacks

NewsHimachal Pradesh has eliminated MLA for Congress attacks


One of the six Congress rebels who planned the party’s humiliating defeat in the most recent Rajya Sabha election, disqualified Himachal Pradesh MLA Rajinder Rana, blamed Abhishek Manu Singhvi’s candidacy for their betrayal. He questioned the move by the Congress leadership to send the well-known attorney from the hill state to the Upper House of Parliament, claiming that the rebels had voted against it in order to protect Himachal Pradesh’s honor. He disclosed their next course of action, saying they would file a lawsuit to challenge their disqualifications.

We made this choice for the people of Himachal Pradesh as well as to preserve their honor and respect. One Devbhoomi is in Himachal Pradesh. Did the ruling Congress Party not field a candidate for representing Himachal Pradesh in the Rajya Sabha among the laborers who assisted in the party’s formation? stated Rana.

We are heading to court soon. The Speaker was under intense pressure to disqualify herself. There was no consideration for the law. The supporters of the MLAs who cast cross-votes have begun receiving challans from the police … He continued, “We will defend this state’s dignity.”

Choking CM Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu, Rajinder Rana.

The government in Himachal Pradesh is solely that of Sukhvinder Sukhu’s allies, not the Congress party. Everyone knows the status of the state. After writing their exam, the young people hit the roads. They are still awaiting the outcome. According to Rana, individuals are not getting their promise kept, and certain MLA are receiving rude treatment.

With the backing of the forty MLAs, the Congress was sure to win the Himachal Rajya Sabha elections with ease. Six MLAs did, however, cross-vote for the BJP. Their cross-voting put the government in jeopardy as well because the BJP said Sukhu was losing the support of the MLAs. But the speaker’s move to exclude the six rebels and suspend 15 BJP MLAs allowed the Congress government time to gather itself. To resolve the disagreements, the party promptly dispatched DK Shivkumar, its troubleshooter. After all, Vikramaditya Singh’s meeting with the MLAs came hours after Shivakumar sent out his all is well message, suggesting that the infighting is still going on.

The mother of Vikramaditya Singh, Pratibha Singh, the chief of the Himachal Congress, praised the BJP on Friday, stating that its work is superior to that of the established party. Sukhu responded to her remark to bring everyone along by asking what will be greater than an individual getting an ally of 80% MLAs? Why she asked this question is beyond me.

Sukhu asserted that the BJP was the cause of the MLAs uprising. During the Rajya Sabha elections, the BJP engaged in horse trading and obtained cross-voting.. he continued, “ It is the opposition’s responsibility to make accusations, and what they will do.

Sukhu asserted that the BJP was the cause of the MLAs’ uprising. During the Rajya Sabha elections, the BJP engaged in horse trading and obtained cross-voting…He continued, “It is the Opposition’s responsibility to make accusations, and  what they will do.”

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