Murtaza, accused of Gorakhnath attack declared 'terrorist' by UP ATS

Gorakhnath Temple Attack declared terrorist bu ATS

Lucknow: Murtaza Abbasi, accused of Gorakhpur’s Gorakhnath temple attack, has been declared a terrorist. ATS has imposed the 'UAPA' Act on him. Along with this, ACJM filed an application for the transfer of the case to the First Court. While hearing the matter, ACJM First Deepak Nath Saraswati approved the transfer of the case to the NIA court in Lucknow. Along with this, the court issued an order to send him to judicial custody for 14 days. Now further hearing of this case will be held in Lucknow.

Earlier, Mortaza was produced in the court on 11 April. During that remand was extended till April 16. Now he was shifted to Lucknow jail where the administration has become fully alert and preparations have been started to keep Murtaza in the high-security barracks. Jailor Prem Sagar Shukla told that only big criminals and dreaded terrorists are kept in the high-security barracks.

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ATS is collecting concrete evidence by analyzing the data as well

It may also happen that this time the ATS does not even apply in the court to extend his police custody remand, but he should be sent to jail. Along with this, ATS is also analyzing the data received through Murtaza at the Lucknow headquarters, so that concrete evidence can be collected against him.

At present, there is no concrete evidence of Murtaza's direct link with any terrorist organization. In such a situation, a case of treason cannot be registered against him yet. After the statements, evidence and data analysis of Murtaza that have come out so far, if any concrete evidence against him is found by the ATS, then in the coming days, a case of treason can also be started against him.

Know Gorakhnath Temple Attack at a Glance

On April 3, at 7.24 pm, Murtaza reached Gorakhpur via Bansi Nepal and attacked the policemen guarding the Gorakhnath temple with a sharp weapon.

After Mortaza was caught, the police registered two cases against him and presented him in court on April 4 and took him on custody remand.

The custody remand was completed on April 11, but due to the non-completion of the investigation, the ATS again applied in the court and appealed to extend his remand. Murtaza's remand will be completed today on April 16. Till now, Murtaza has confessed to these crimes.

Police have recovered religious books, sharp-edged weapons, and jihadi videos found from his mobile and laptop from Murtaza's possession. ATS has also recovered 6 valuable airguns from Mortaza's room. Mortaza told ATS that he was practicing shooting.

Murtaza has confessed to the ATS that he was angry about the ongoing hijab case, CAA, NRC etc. in the country. He felt that wrong was happening with the Muslims. To take revenge, he attacked.

ATS also recovered an international number SIM card and an internet dongle from his room. ATS is analyzing the IP (Internet Protocol) of the dongle.

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